Portrait / Portrait

i’ve been looking for a reason to do another one of these posts. truth is they’ve been featured on some of my favourite blogs lately, and i’ve received many kind emails from readers saying how much they like them. man, people on the internet are nice! so i dipped into my folders of saved vintage photos (all from doctor macro) & paired them with portraits that i love. ended up making way too many for one post… more to come later.

marilyn monroe / al greco – a lady in a fur wrap

susan haywardivan g. olinsky – serviceman’s wife

james dean / charles w. hawthorne

janet leigh / leigh louise gadbois

natalie wood / picasso - la toilette

sharon tate / félix vallotton – la liseuse

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attribute portraits

i bookmarked these portraits by jelmar geertsma before i even had the blog, and by some happy circumstance rediscovered them this week when i was trawling through old favourites on a mission to find something else (don’t you love it when that happens?) things organised neatly and portraiture all in one = yes. jelmar explains,

series of portraits i’m making of my family … the portraits are made up of attributes that each of us have for our hobbies or work. the upper-right corner shows painted portraits as well, which are painted by my father.

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the brilliant magpie

cute watercolour portrait prints available at the brilliant magpie

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get on my walls

girl with braids

portrait of a russian officer

girl in red

girl with a swan neck

by the commode

the two

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annie kevans

some of my favourite pieces from annie kevans

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william merritt chase

william merritt chase might be my favourite portrait painter ever. or one of, at the very least.

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girls on film

thought i’d share some recent flickr favourites. oh, the quality. people are too talented for their own good!

gidi culus

tony katai

laurence philomene

katarina smuraga

lina scheynius

rogier houwen

andrew nedimye

geneviève bjargardóttir

john kelso

anabel navarro

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guim tio

these paintings are weird and wonderful. by guim tio.

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