Wes Anderson Tributes

Wes Anderson Tributes

i don’t think there are many (any?) contemporary film makers who are culturally adored as much as Wes Anderson. sometimes i will just randomly think of scenes from Grand Budapest Hotel and laugh out loud to myself. i’ve come across two Wes Anderson tributes recently that i thought were so…

cape town & suburbs

family friends found this book in a vintage market in geneva, switzerland – of all places. now it has returned to sunny south african shores. i think it was printed in the fourties / fifties (no date unfortunately), though the postcards inside are all probably from the turn of the…


i looooooooove cowboys! another new years resolution is to marry a cowboy. with a beard.

nice postcards are nice

wouldn’t it be nice

There is just so much negativity all around us these days, have you noticed? It’s infesting the internet, it’s taking over the big screen, it’s cutting you off, it’s showing up on your bank statement, it’s staining your new shirt, it’s breathing down your neck, it’s not giving you a…