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gucci’s corduroy

did all the designers of the world flip a switch of some magical machine that travels across the ocean and reads my brain waves? because they’re hitting all the right notes for the new collections. i mean, i don’t even like gucci… usually. these are three looks from their pre-fall 2011 collection that i love. that green get-up is amazing  - except for the bag. still can’t get the bags right, gucci.

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chloé pre-fall 2011

i take it all back, the chloé pre-fall 2011 collection is my favourite. that corduroy suit!

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more pre-fall 2011

still confused as to why ‘pre-fall’ collections are being released now. the new york times explains,

The Pre-Fall Collections, being shown in New York over the next several weeks, arrive in stores in May to fill the gap between bikinis and furs.

wait, what? shouldn’t it be called pre-spring then… or am i missing something.

i would also like to note how many of the designers have been influenced by the seventies ‘trend’ that people are enjoying so much right now. so much so i might start to hate it soon.

that being said! i am enjoying these looks (see here for previous collection i liked)

adam (possibly my favourite so far)

sonia rykiel (alpaca herders unite!)

proenza schouler (man alive, i detest those shorts they did though)


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stella mccartney pre fall 2011

she played a streetcar named desire at the show. haha. “stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

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