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pre-fall 2011

  • Fashion

    gucci’s corduroy

    did all the designers of the world flip a switch of some magical machine that travels across the ocean and reads my brain waves? because they’re hitting all the right notes for…

  • Fashion

    chloé pre-fall 2011

    i take it all back, the chloé pre-fall 2011 collection is my favourite. that corduroy suit! all runway images courtesy of…

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    more pre-fall 2011

    still confused as to why ‘pre-fall’ collections are being released now. the new york times explains, The Pre-Fall Collections, being shown in New York over the next several weeks, arrive in stores…

  • Fashion


    stella mccartney pre fall 2011 she played a streetcar named desire at the show. haha. “stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” images courtesy of…