Tony Chestnut Summer 2016 17

Tony Chestnut Summer 2016

the one thing i’m pretty excited about right now, besides actually meeting our baby, is the prospect of wearing “normal” clothes again. i have been rotating the same 5 pieces for what feels like, well, 9 months – and i’m ready to dip into my usual wardrobe. so when designer Jill…

Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes)

Jim Jams

i decided to title this post Jim Jams because that’s what i call pyjamas. no, i’m not five. but it’s easier than trying to decide if i should go with the British spelling of pyjamas or the wholly more sensible American spelling of pajamas. PJs, jim jams, pyjamas, pajamas, sleepwear – whatever…

Beauty Talk: lizard skin

Beauty Talk

lizard analogy explained below since pregnancy my complexion has adopted what i’d like to call “lizard skin”. nobody talks about lizard skin, they only talk about that that glow that all pregnant women seem to bask under. not me, my skin went from kinda okay and normal to dry and red,…

Baby Alba

i really enjoyed looking through the touching photographs documenting the pregnancy and birth of photographers matt & nirrimi’s baby girl alba. you can see all the photos at matt’s flickr and also read the birth story at nirrimi’s blog. all photographs courtesy of matt & nirrimi