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  • Art, Design

    More Wall Space, Please

    i change the pictures on my walls pretty regularly, and i’m gradually aiming to replace stuff i’ve printed out from the internet (yes, i’m on a budget – don’t judge) with real…

  • Fashion

    a/w 2011

    these dresses at jill stuart are quite possibly my favourite pieces from all the a/w 2011 fashion week shows so far also love her fox & owl prints… really enjoying the fact…

  • Art

    tatsuro’s veggies

    i’ve posted about tatsuro kiuchi before, whose work is consistently wonderful. his latest illustrations of various vegetables would be amazing as prints on a kitchen wall, no? any wall, for that matter.…

  • Art

    janet hill

    i enjoy janet hill's still lifes (...still lives? i still don't know what the plural is)…

  • Art

    wayne pate

    if i ever have a lovely little beach house to decorate, these prints would slipstream right in there…

  • happynow-01

    be happy now

    jenny’s prints at her etsy shop…

  • blue-grotto


    insanely cool photocroms – read up on the process. from a journey round my skull‘s flickr.…