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  • Beauty by Emoji // Miss Moss

    Beauty by Emoji

    i’ve done a beauty type post before, but never really delved into what i actually use in my daily routine. confession: i am a beauty product hoarder. the other day i discovered a…

  • Flower Safari

    Flower Safari

    Flower Safari is a group spring show that i watched grow as a seedling, as it were, from the mind of my friends Amy & Mariah. held at the new Side Street Studios in…

  • Living

    brook farm general store

    brook farm general store is a shop in brooklyn, ny that stocks nice and simple old and new wares…

  • Living


    i just want to scoop up spartan‘s entire inventory. they sell homeware, jewellery, paper goods, bags and even diana cameras. feels a bit like muji meets quirky vintage.…

  • Living

    smith’s rosebud salve

    have you tried smith's rosebud salve? i got a tin for my birthday - it smells like roses and flying dreams and puppies and baby powder…

  • ewan-davidoff

    the smell of ad-venture

    i caught an old jonathon ross interview of ewan mcgregor this weekend (swoon), but was astounded to see that he had attached his name to a manly man fragrance – and actually…