Miss Moss: Holidaze

hello! merry christmas! happy new year! just wanted to let you know that i am still here, and have not suddenly abandoned the blog without a word… we are currently on our summer holiday in Kei Mouth, a small town on the Wild Coast about 14 hours drive from Cape Town. once a year we get to truly break away from it all – no work, no internet, no television. besides Instagram because, well, i can’t help myself.

one of my favourite things about the holidays is that i read tons of books, something i only ever manage to do when there’s no internet to distract me (how sad is that?). i first blitzed through Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng –  a wonderful, poignant story that starts out as a mystery but ends up being about so much more. then i read The Silkworm by ‘Robert Gailbraith’ which i really enjoyed (i am naturally a fan of the Cormoran Strike novels, because i do so love JK and HP),  and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty which was a quick, light holiday read and quite amusing in parts. i actually need a few more titles to read this week – any suggestions?

we have one more week of holiday before 2015 really kicks off. until then, we’re still in a holi-DAZE.

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

road tripping up to Kei

Miss Moss: Holidaze

the landscape changes from the Cape’s dry summer brown to lush lush green as we near Kei…

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

Kei Mouth beach

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

the view from Anton’s family holiday house

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

flame lilies grow on the beach

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

yes we took the boat up! perfect for skiing on the Kei river.

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

i prefer sitting on the beach to skiing…

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

the view across the Kei River looking towards the old Transkei

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

New Year’s lantern

Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze Miss Moss: Holidaze

capturing a lighting storm. BOOM.

Road Trip


Miss Moss // Road Trip

last week my husband and i decided to go on a spontaneous road trip from Durban to Cape Town. he had just bought a new car from a dealer up country, so we put it through a 1800km journey on some serious gravel roads and epic mountain passes to see what it could do.

Meg Callahan

Meg Callahan

Meg Callahan is a designer who makes exquisite patchwork quilts the likes of which i want on my bed. or on my wall. or draped over me when i am on the couch. or used as a cape, for when i walk down the street. whatever! i want one. she recently drove from her hometown of Edmond, OK to San Diego, CA and took along some quilts to photograph along the way.

Patchwork Quilting is a time-honored craft tradition, my pieces are a culmination of traditional processes and experimentation. The horizon, ever-changing sky, grassy vegetation, and the variation of dirt color are a constant source of inspiration. This lookbook is a reflection of that inspiration.

Photographed by Andrew Mau

Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan
Meg Callahan

Chrissie White


i have featured the work of talented young photographer Chrissie White before here and here, so i was catching up on her flickr stream when i noticed some amazing photos of her friend in various gorgeous landscapes. turns out they are part of a photo set called Deserted – a road trip photo diary which was featured on every gal’s favourite online magazine, Rookie. you can check out all the photos over there, but here are some of my select favourites.

My best friend, Sammie, and I had been living in different states for a whole school year. We reunited in June, when I went to Santa Barbara to pick her up and we drove up to Seattle together. We spent a week making our way through the Sierra mountains, watching the landscape change through our bug-stained windshield, car-dancing to one of the 30 mix CDs we’d brought along. We stopped frequently along the way to hike and climb and to fantasize about living in a cave one day, subsisting on teriyaki beef jerky.

Dama and Dig


i was catching up on emails this morning after our internet-less weekend away and a wonderful letter from Anna Fusco was just so awesomely serendipitous & co-incidental, as i had literally just read this book and listened to this podcast.

both are stories of people who one day decided to hit the road and leave their ordinary lives behind – whether it was to go on a quest, or for no particular reason at all but to experience the open road… Anna & Nate are on the same path, having bought a thirty year old camper van and setting off on April 1st “with nothing but our cameras, our dog, the books we couldn’t bear to leave behind, and a new sleeping bag courtesy of my mother.” 

Since then, we’ve been traveling the U.S. without a calendar or a particular destination, living off of canned beans and tortilla chips. I’ve been religiously documenting every step of my wanderlust, the beauty and the breakdowns. Trust me that the van isn’t the only thing having an occasional meltdown. But that’s life, that’s van life, and I like it.

Everywhere we stop, people tell us they wish they could do what we do. I want people, women especially, to know that they CAN live in their VW campers and eat their cake too. I say women in particular because for some time it appeared to me that this was a seemingly male dominated “lifestyle,” attainable only by ex-professionals turned religious surfers (i.e. Foster Huntington, another big inspiration) – not by shrimpy twenty-something city girls too attached to their Swedish Hasbeens to “rough it” and too afraid of big waves to surf.

be sure to follow their adventures at Anna’s blog Dama and Dig. all photos by Anna Fusco.

Kevin Russ

perhaps one day if i’m lucky enough i’ll get to do a great american road trip, but for now i can live vicariously through the photographs of Kevin Russ. you’re probably thinking that these were shot with some rad medium format camera – but they were actually all taken with Kevin’s iPhone… i know. you can follow Kevin on instagram, view his mobile photostream, and see his professional work on his flickr and website.

click on the images to view the original on instagram.

all photos by Kevin Russ

hit the road


september music mix is here! this is not really a ‘road trip’ mix, per se (no tracy chapman / fast car …) – but certainly tunes i love playing in my car. load up your ipod and go for a drive… sing along, too.

hit the road. tracklist:

  1. stornoway – i saw you blink
  2. aloe blacc – good things
  3. phoenix – if i ever feel better
  4. de la soul – eye know
  5. beck – the new pollution
  6. the shins – australia
  7. devotchka – till the end of time
  8. paul simon – kodachrome
  9. bright eyes – another travelin’ song
  10. deer tick – art isn’t real (city of sin)
  11. iron & wine – the devil never sleeps
  12. arcade fire – keep the car running
  13. the postal service – clark gable
  14. smashing pumpkins – 1979

all music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!

1956 roadtrip

these photos are from andy blair, they show his mom and dad travelling from new york to los angeles to visit his aunt and extended family in 1956



the dudes in my family went on a big bad bike trip this past weekend.  they had several burst tyres when going through the tankwa karoo. so if you ever decide to do that… take lots of spares. i wish you could take a train right through the karoo – i would LOVE that! and i don’t mean the typical blue train route… more off the beaten track. kind of impossible to take a train to Die Hel though.