Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis is a photographer from Greece whose relationship with photography began in 2000, after dedicating many years to painting. he developed his own style through constant personal exploration and his website shows a series of interesting themes that you can explore here. i’m most taken by his photographs of…


Tiny Atlas Quarterly

it’s cooooooooooooold in Cape Town today. i even wore my winter jacket that i bought (and last wore) 5 years ago when i was in wintery London. so when i got an email introducing Tiny Atlas Quarterly, an online magazine founded by photographer Emily Nathan and art director Liz Mullally, and i clicked…

blue & white bliss

sometimes i take a little gander over at mrs and mrs smith and pick a pretend hotel for my pretend visit to whichever pretend destination i’m thinking about. right now it’s greece, santorini to be exact. this place is called homeric poems (seriously) – look at that bed’s view!