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  • sea


    since we are currently by the sea for our christmas holidays i thought it would be appropriate to share this nice & simple collection by NY based label Sea. it is of…

  • Photography

    Monica Sanchez

    i love this series of photographs by Monica Sanchez taken with a Nikon FM2 – a film camera that i also use. it makes me want to go out and buy a…

  • Photography

    Johann Darcel

    photography by Johann Darcel is really helping my summer psyching series. all photographs by Johann Darcel…

  • Stuff


    current wants indelicately smashed into one post

    i want to go to there...

    ... and to there

  • Photography


    i haven’t had a swim in so, so long. i can almost feel the water just at the thought of it. 001 / 002 / 003 / 004…

  • Stuff


    my mom always sends me these forwarded emails, usually of cute animal stories. i couldn't pass up posting this one (which you may or may not have seen before). i just love…

  • Photography


    going back to work on monday, but at least the weather will still be allowing this for the next few months…

  • Photography

    matteo parrini

    to kick off my summer holiday, some very summery images from matteo parrini…

  • Art

    wayne pate

    if i ever have a lovely little beach house to decorate, these prints would slipstream right in there…

  • tenerife-03


    i want to go to there. these pictures makes me think: is it ever, ever going to be warm again?…