self portrait

Anna di Prospero

Anna di Prospero is an Italian photographer who has been working on a self-portrait series called With You, where she appears alongside family members and friends. i like that even though it’s a self-portrait series she isn’t necessarily the star of the images – but the focus if rather about her relationship with these important people in her life. however you may interpret it, the images themselves are absolutely beautiful – with an amazing rich colour palette that runs through the entire series.

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Mariell Amélie

Mariell Amélie is a norwegian photographer based in london whose work i came across on flickr. it took me about 0.2 seconds to start writing this post after looking through the absolutely AMAZING photographs on her blog and website. i’m particularly taken by her self portraits – the image of her emerging from the ocean is so striking.

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self portrait

these self portraits by ari gabel are so very good. you can imagine an entire story happening within each frame, and i love the fact that you don’t see the faces of anyone else in the images. medium format always wins.

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head stand

i love these so much… head stand self portraits by stephen t.c. morris

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self portrait

lovely flickr gallery by suzypuzz

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best costume ever

everyone else’s halloween costumes really sucked compared to this guy’s – see how it was made here

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portrait love

portraits! oh, my favourite things.

Faustine Léo, 1842 – by  Charles-Ernest-Rodolphe-Henri Lehmann

Eva Gonzales, self portrait

Helene Schjerfbeck, self portrait

Felix Vallotton, self portrait

Homme de Savièse, 1903 – by Ernest Bieler

Emile d’Erlanger, 1924 – by Romaine Brooks

by Ivan G. Olinsky, 1942

by David Gauld, 1893

by Leon Kroll, 1962

by Alan Feltus, 1980

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