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  • Inspired by Meryl and Diane: Mayflower Supply FW14 Look Book

    Mayflower Supply FW14

    damn, the FW14 lookbook by Mayflower Supply was bittersweet for me to look through. very sweet because New York is always a good idea; but ever so slightly bitter because my husband is…

  • bob
    Photography, Vintage

    Portraits by Robert Holmgren

    Robert Holmgren is a photographer based in California who is originally from Rockford, Illinois. on his flickr page is a collection of portraits he scanned from old negatives dating back to 1971. here…

  • Photography, Vintage

    The Seventies

    The 1970s is a set of photographs by spysgrandson. click on the pics to be taken to the original photo. friends, May 1972, El Paso desert. Annette the cussing poet and Bob…

  • Vintage

    family archive

    these are the most remarkable vintage photos i have seen in a while. they are from dasha’s flickr, showing her family in the seventies. the colours!…

  • Vintage

    yakkety yak

    i received the most incredible mail from sally yesterday – she says, I loved your post about Life photos from Princeton in 1969! I figured if you’re into that kind of photography,…

  • Vintage

    black hills, 1972

    black hills, 1972 – photos from two sets at the nick de wolf photo archive Summer 1972. Set includes pictures taken during a trip through the Blacks Hills of the Western United States; to…

  • Vintage

    backpacker magazine

    i wrote a post about backpacker magazine covers from the seventies back in 2009, but unfortunately lost it to the gods of unreliable image hosting. so i thought i’d remind you that…

  • Vintage


    what i love most about these photos is that for all you know they could have been taken today, until you look a little bit closer and notice tiny details that are…

  • Fashion

    gucci’s corduroy

    did all the designers of the world flip a switch of some magical machine that travels across the ocean and reads my brain waves? because they’re hitting all the right notes for…

  • Photography, Vintage

    john olson

    john olson was hired by life in 1968 at the age of 21, making him the youngest staff photographer at the magazine. before that he went to vietnam at the age of…

  • Vintage

    dudes on bikes

    i totally fall for the stereotype of a certain type of man on a motorbike (and i’m talking a certain kind of motorbike, too) denim, leather, boots, scruffy facial hair –  i mean…

  • Vintage

    pierre wayser

    a collection of photographs from the mid seventies by pierre wayser all photographs by pierre wayser…