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  • Photography, Vintage

    Les Demoiselles D’Hamilton

    david hamilton is a british photographer best known for his dreamy photographs of young women. much of his work has been criticised for being ‘pornographic’ and is particularly controversial because the women…

  • Fashion

    seventies avengeance

    you may remember these photographs garance doré took of ondine azoulay now we’ve been treated to more of ondine’s great style over at all the pretty birds…

  • Vintage

    roller disco

    i cannot and have never been able to skate. be it on ice or with rollerskates or... rollerblades *cringe* i am so bad at it in fact that i have…

  • Vintage

    spot the innuendos

    these look like they’ve been taken out of an opening scene for a cheesy porno catalogue. also, notice the toilet seat frame hanging on the wall! all from retro space.…

  • Vintage

    remembering anchorage

    thanks @badbanana for recommending remembering anchorage in the seventies. ps: follow him on twitter…

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    i’d like to introduce you to gertha – she’s one of my favourite houses in stellenbosch. all weird angles & low walls, just like the day she was first built. there are…

  • Music

    another day

    everyday she takes a morning bath, she wets her hair, wraps a towel around her as she's heading for the bedroom chair - it's just another day.…

  • van
    Design, Vintage

    rocking vans

    Once upon a time — or more accurately, back in the 1970s — the van reigned supreme.  Riding in right on the heels of the fading muscle car era, the custom van…

  • beer!

    bop & jive

    the best thing about looking at old photos of your parents is realising that most everyone is the same when they're young (beer! braai! party hats! dancing! fun!)…

  • Art, Vintage

    albert bierstadt

    hey dorks, it’s art history time. if you’re not familiar with the classic frontier paintings by albert bierstadt – you will be now. you owe it to yourself to stare at these…