Casa Malaparte

Casa Malaparte is a house on the Isle of Capri which sits on a cliff 32 metres above the sea overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. it was designed in 1937 by Adalberto Libera for the italian writer & journalist Curzio Malaparte. in 1963 the house was used in Le Mépris, a film by Jean-Luc Godard starring Brigitte Bardot.

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High school fashions, 1969

i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella? no indeed! these are high school fashions in 1969 photographed by arthur shatz for life magazine.

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Jet Black Bob

have been very, very tempted by this hair lately.

- anna karina

- chantal goya

- both by ciorania

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running wild

a group of wild horse herders photographed by bill eppridge for life magazine in 1968

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airline: identity, design & culture is on my christmas wish list

from utilitarian to luxury, from sensible to chic, the evolution of air travel is one of the most dramatic and fascinating reflections of our changing culture, and it is colorfully and whimsically documented in this unique collection of photographs and entertaining text.

don’t mind if i do.

interior of hugh hefner’s private jet, suitably skanky:

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mom’s old photos

a really groovy set of old photographs here, from moritz christian woldt’s collection

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twen magazine

twen was german youth magazine, which appeared monthly from 1959 to 1971 . design wise just an absolute treat. this spread is from collectible’s flickr stream.

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Le Apartomatic

wes anderson and roman coppola directed this ad for stella artois. damn, i wish it were a feature length film.

seen via mid-century modernist

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