Beauty Talk: lizard skin

Beauty Talk

lizard analogy explained below since pregnancy my complexion has adopted what i’d like to call “lizard skin”. nobody talks about lizard skin, they only talk about that that glow that all pregnant women seem to bask under. not me, my skin went from kinda okay and normal to dry and red,…

Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore

Skin Cleanse

Adina Grigore starting creating all-natural products to meet the needs of her own sensitive skin – and so began  S.W. Basics, a skincare line based in Brooklyn. their products are all made from scratch using natural & potent ingredients – with a ‘less isn’t just more; less is everything’ attitude.

Morning Calm

Morning Calm

i’m sitting here, early morning in cape town, with my cup of coffee… and a face mask on. i love this time of day. most people are still sleeping and i feel like i have a secret few hours to just sit in the quiet and do whatever i want.…