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  • Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 18

    Mid Week Distraction No. 18

    wow, i feel like my biggest and only post these days to you is my mid week distraction. don’t get me wrong – i LOVE doing it. and i love that you…

  • zz-mid-week-distraction-no-5

    Mid Week Distraction No. 5

    some days, nay, weeks are hard to get through - and i feel like this one is a particular slog. i think it might be because it dawned on me this morning…

  • birthday

    Nice Things, Birthday Edition

    i don’t make birthday wish lists in real life, and i don’t particularly like being asked what i want for my birthday. i’m a firm believer in giving someone a gift that…

  • Stuff

    Shades of Gold

    left: street style by vanessa jackman / right: button clips by studio swine left: bronze bowl by alma allen / right: square pyrite necklace by myrrh jewellery left: rabbit chair by sanaa /…

  • Stuff

    Bits of My Weekend

    things have been quiet around here the past few days because it was my birthday on friday. i was treated to an amazing weekend away in Greyton, so we hightailed it outta…

  • Stuff


    thank you all for your wonderful response to the Rewardrobe post! it made me feel a bit better about getting too “covety” around here (want want want / need need need). i…

  • Stuff

    These Things No.13

    you may have noticed that it’s the beginning of the month and there is still no new music mix. i’ve decided to put them on the back burner for a little while.…

  • Stuff


    finally got my hands on a copy of bossypants yesterday (i had to wait for the ipad kindle edition since the actual book isn’t available in south africa yet. like most good…

  • Stuff

    Master Collagist

    i have told you about my friend amy before (see her things i like right now to spruce your memory.)  i have dubbed her Master Collagist. since our first year together in university…

  • Stuff

    seven facts

    hila tagged me in her seven facts post. i kind of love these things and have never done one… so decided to play along. i’m not going to tag anyone – but…

  • Photography

    Good times, noodle salad

    pictures that induce happiness and somehow manage to distract from the realities of real life. ps: have you called your mom & dad lately? do it now. – david bailey – helen…

  • Stuff

    these friday things

    been wanting to watch seinfeld lately. everything about this picture = the nineties to me. especially elaine’s backpack and the way her jersey is tied around her waist. my favourite street style…

  • Stuff

    just like the old days

    as a tween / teen in south africa, growing up without the internet / blogs / tumblr meant gaining inspiration from sources you physically had to get your hands on. we used…