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    Warm Weather

    it’s that time of year again where i do my annual post about summer psyching. this has mostly do with all the imagery i have seen on instagram and twitter and in…

  • Photography

    Truest Blue

    what i’d like summer holidays to look and feel like – cool & blue. click on the images to go to the original. – by Sergey Neamoscou – by Hélène Desplechin – by Feffef –…

  • Photography

    Monica Sanchez

    i love this series of photographs by Monica Sanchez taken with a Nikon FM2 – a film camera that i also use. it makes me want to go out and buy a…

  • Vintage


    i don’t know whether to high five or punch nic grobler (of bicycle portraits, who i posted about here) for introducing me to the gahetNA National Archives. high five because it’s AWESOME,…

  • Photography

    Ines Amd

    i think another round of summer psyching is in order – this time it’s thanks to the beautiful pink and blue tinted summer imagery courtesy of photographer Ines Amd. feels like something…

  • Photography

    Johann Darcel

    photography by Johann Darcel is really helping my summer psyching series. all photographs by Johann Darcel…

  • Stuff


    step 3 in my summer psyching series. florals! the smell of jasmine, especially. – photograph by tara. – photograph by valerie chiang. – flower arrangements by amy merrick. – painting by olle hjortzberg. –…

  • Vintage

    Vintage Summer Snapshots

    i’m really trying to psyche myself up for summer. if you follow my ramblings on twitter (or, of course, if you know me personally) you’ll know that i am not the hugest…

  • Photography

    get in the water

    here's some visual inspiration to celebrate the fact that we're only about a month away from summer holidays. and for everyone reading this who are north of the equator... muwahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Vintage

    all summer long

    beach, funfairs, barbeques, drinks, friends, bicycles & adventures… pics from tastevick…

  • Photography


    i haven’t had a swim in so, so long. i can almost feel the water just at the thought of it. 001 / 002 / 003 / 004…

  • Photography

    italian holiday

    warm-sunshiney-gelato-fresh-fig-mediterranean-sea filled italian holiday. this is what jacinta moore did.…