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Ten Things

ten bright things.  zinhle & funeka in glamour magazine: dior garden couture: holly berry: ashley goldberg: project space:   vogue korea goes to peru:  loco by studio boot: street style by all the pretty birds: anita dominoni: mountaintop rug:


ten things

it was bloggus interruptus around here because of heritage day. thursday was a bit of a b-day night out – taking full advantage of said public holiday. if you’ve just started your weekend, hope it’s rad.

i’m loving locally jewellery line dear rae – got this ring for my birthday …

more books i’d buy based on covers alone …

… and bread i’d buy based on the packaging alone …

tree sculptures by wojciech kołacz

new-ish illustrations from caitlin shearer

portraiture by miek van de wiel

always enjoying pin ups

this house makes other houses jealous …

amanda johnson does wide leg jeans & my favourite skirt length …

… and vanessa jackman takes a million beautiful photos at london fashion week (hello seventies)