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the sartorialist

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    creamy highlights

    daily paintings inspired by an image from the sartorialist clockwise from left: the sartorialist ; frederic leighton – gulnihal (1886) ; warren williams – conway castle…

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    catorialist = a cat version of the sartorialist - say no more. the titles of the photos really made me lol though. "on the street.... that coat!"

  • Fashion

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 19

    you know, i’ve been skimping on the bumper fashion specials lately, mostly because i haven’t come across a lot of summer stuff that i find very inspiring (especially since at least 90%…

  • moschino-cheap-chic-01

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 14

    bumper fashion special #17 – all the spring shows are starting to blur into one, will pick up with more ‘normal’ fashion specials next week! moschino cheap & chic luisa beccaria gianfranco…

  • Eva Fontanelli

    eva fontanelli

    italian stylist / fashion editor – often seen on various street style blogs via sartorialist, garance & vanessa jackman…

  • yasmin1

    yasmin sewell

    another street style fav, on the sartorialist often but also garance and others.…