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These Things No.60

These Things No.60! this feels like it should be momentous, or something. i actually calculated how long i have been blogging the other day, and it’s been 5 years (and 2 months) since i started this olde blog. so, that is kind of momentous i suppose.

but even more momentous is that it’s Friday, which means it’s time for a These Things.

i love this feature on fashion designer Stine Goya at FvF:

Stine Goya

i want these shoes by Le Yucca:

Le Yucca

the amazing bathroom in this sweet apartment:

Hearth Studio

new lookbook by The Loved One:

The Loved One

weavings by Maryanne Moodie:

Maryanne Moodie

this hanger:


i would literally eat this salad every day:

asian chicken salad

and this one, actually:

zucchini salad

ceramics by RIA:


Tova Kaye, an inspiring woman:

Tova Kaye

Kirsten Dunst in the new W magazine (i feel like i’m a teen again!)


Frida Kahlo in her garden in 1952:


Be Brave by Christopher Delorenzo:

Be Brave



These Things No.59

this week we moved into our new office (during an unseasonable heat wave, ain’t nobody got time for that). and i was feeling so happy and sprightly and excited, that i moved desks and picked up furniture and ran up and down the 3 flights of stairs too many times to count… feeling GREAT! and then the next day, my back. OH! my back. i could kick myself for overdoing it after suffering from bad back problems these past few months. well, i can’t actually physically kick myself – it hurts too much.

so, here i am lying on my couch again. feeling like a dummy, and just trying to recuperate. which of course calls for a these things. lesson: look after your backs, people. get up from your desk. walk more. work your core. and don’t be a dummy, like me.

new pieces by Scout & Catalogue:

These Things No.59

loved this peek into Kate’s home:

These Things No.59

sleeping on a cloud:

These Things No.59

Telar, a textile collection by Nido:

These Things No.59

love these bright banners:

These Things No.59

funny thing is, i would have bought the issue with this cover, by Georgia Perry:


a watermelon dress!

These Things No.59

interesting art & photography by Vittorio Ciccarelli:

These Things No.59

love this bag:

These Things No.59

Seven Sisters Style and the beginnings of preppy style:

These Things No.59

these shoes by Reality Studio:

These Things No.59

sweet pieces by Martina Thornhill:


new collection by Lauren Winter:

These Things No.59

awesome street style snapped by Vanessa Jackman:

Vanessa Jackman

Samuji’s new lookbook:

These Things No.59

jewellery and rad things by Academy:



These Things No.58

it’s been quiet around here since the weekend, reason being i threw my back out on saturday and have been lying horizontal ever since. it’s not easy blogging from this position. it’s actually not easy doing anything besides sleeping and watching tv (you ARE watching True Detective aren’t you?) besides bed rest, and the occasional hobbled walk around the apartment, i have also been doing some catch up internet browsing on my iPad. so here’s a These Things! normal posting to resume soon.

photographer Laurence Aëgerter appropriates & revitalises iconic paintings:

These Things No.58

Traveling Forms, a new jewellery collection by Debbie Carlos:

These Things No.58

interesting “balloon” sculptures by Gemma Tickle. photo by Catherine Losing:

These Things No.58

aerial fashion + landscapes by photographer Joseph Ford:

These Things No.58

lady planters by The Sill:

These Things No.58

illustrator Anna Kovecses made 10 portraits of pop culture love icons for Milk Magazine:

These Things No.58

The Row FW14 x Balthus by Aoife Leonard:

These Things No.58

First Rite Fall 2014 collection:

These Things No.58

Senza Titole by Salvatore Fiume:

These Things No.58

work done for Good Forks by Marion Luttennerger:

These Things No.58

Tropical rooftop with satellite dish by James Colman:

These Things No.58

feature on Carolina L. Iriarte at Freunde von Freunden:

These Things No.58

Egon Schiele typeface by Nathalie Hallman:

These Things No.58

a beautiful indoor planter by Hedge House:

These Things No.58

The Beautiful Ones by Njideka Akunyili:

These Things No.58

Tortoise shell tumblers by Workaday Handmade for Of A Kind:

These Things No.58

The Merchant of Venice by Kiluanji Kia Henda:

These Things No.58

exquisite work by artist Annie Lapin:

These Things No.58

love this Cape Town street style shot by Jillionaire:

These Things No.58

a favourite new tumblr, Black History Album:

These Things No.58

Paul and Linda in 1971:

These Things No.58

and, still following National Geographic Found religiously:

These Things No.58

A wealthy group of young people relax by a pool in California, 1940. Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts


These Things No.57

well it’s the first These Things of the new year, and also the first in over 2 months! enjoy.

i actually wanted to do a post about Slim Aarons soon, but every day i show beat me to it:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

the beautiful wedding of Lisl & Alex shot by Modern Hearts in Namibia:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

fabulous Isabel Marant at La Garconne:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

the house of Nancybird Designer Emily in Melbourne thanks to The Design Files:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

this amazing magnetic Vanity table by Nicole Brock:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

Paper Plants by Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

Print Club Boston:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

Michelle & Jenny: A Love Story:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

the Brooklyn apartment of Shabd Simon-Alexander at Design Sponge:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

the photography of Dillon Marsh:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

some more National Geographic pics i like:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

a Table for a Flower by VJEM:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

awesome street style from Paris men’s fashion week:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

beautiful furniture by Torafu architects:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

Discourse with Flowers by Lisa Sorgini:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

the wonderful vintage filled home of Lauren (of Dear Golden) & her husband Chad:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

a lovely plant filled side-table by Suvi sur le vif:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

this rad photo of Frida Kahlo:


the home of Lena Corwin photographed by Brian Ferry for Remodelista:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

tin-types taken at Sundance by photographer Victoria Will:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss

this extraordinary film about the power of ballet:

These Things No.57 // Miss Moss


These Things No.56

the new Confezioni Crosby Lookbook:

this amazing gift guide by La Garconne:

the cover of the new Gather journal:

Vanessa Jackman’s trip to Italy:

this chair by Pacific Wonderland:

the styling at where i was from:

this house in Gothenburg – that’s for sale!

excited to see this Namibian wedding by Modern Hearts:

a series of tropical arrangements by Rafael D’Alo:


jewellery by Temerity:

these are holiday heels for sure:

an ingenious shoe rack by Sebastian Goldschmidtböing (who has an amazing name):

Taylor Stitch:

these shoes by Emily Green:

blouses by Sherie Muijs:

this tapestry / bedspread:

awesome workspaces featured on The Design Files – left & right:

this dress!

awesome design work by Snask:

UNIQLO recipes!

Les Parisiennes lookbook by The White Pepper:

the home of Caroline Gomez:

the very grown up home of Nicolas Schuybroek:

the Boob Tote:


These Things No 55.

hello! i am currently in the midst of one of the most exciting (and busiest) times of my life. yesterday the awful rain and hail we’ve been having stopped very suddenly, and we were greeted with snow and SUN  – basically the perfect combination – for my bridal shower. my bridesmaids and family and friends went above and beyond to make me feel so incredibly loved (with some laughs thrown in for good measure). as if that wasn’t enough, it is my birthday today. i am 30! it feels good. especially when you wake up to coconut cake in bed.

lastly, we are getting hitched in less than 2 weeks. this is my last week of work and then i’ll be stepping straight into the spiraling vortex of last minute wedding stuff and thingz… after which we leave for NYC for our honeymoon. so things are going to be a bit erratic around here over the next few weeks. i’m going to come out the other end as a Mrs, which is pretty damn rad. perhaps it’s time for a new blog name? while i ponder that, here’s a These Things.

love the new collection at Emerson Fry:

the branding for Garnish & Gather by Stitch Design Co:

the all black cover for Lea Seydoux on The Gentlewoman Issue No.8:

anti-everything by Wasted Rita:

this house in Melbourne (of course! always Melbourne) at The Design Files:

Scout & Catalogue for Debbie Carlos:

this cool chemist vase:

the new Dusen Dusen Spring 2014 collection:

the work of illustrator Linnea Puranen:

Ulla Johnson Spring 2014 (especially those pink dungies):

new collection by Chiyome:

this lovely home on Design Sponge:

this sweet colour blocked undies set:

new to me British label Charlie May:

the work of illustrator Vikki Chu:

theeeeeeeeese shoes by Marni!

this shoot for Frankie Magazine by Stefanie Ingram:

Ian Stevenson:

awesome packaging for licorice all-sorts by Bond:

and, this photo of Steve Martin:


These Things No.54

HELLO! you may have noticed that it was a bit quiet around here since last week. we went away on Thursday morning to my parent’s holiday house for the long weekend (friday was women’s day) and i took my trusty internet dongle thing along hoping to get some blogging done, but of course there was no reception seaside. so there i sat, with nothing to occupy me with but my kindle. and it was GLORIOUS. i read JK Rowling aka Robert Gailbrath’s sleuth novel Cuckoo’s Calling, which is a nice & easy, breezy, engrossing bit of mystery storytelling – i highly recommend it. haven’t actually read a book cover to cover in one sitting since December holidays, so it was really rad to be forced to take a break from the internet & tv for a change.

so here you are, a catch up for both you and me: These Things No.54.

Phillip Lim for Target:

the photography of Sonya Yu:

accessories by We Never Sleep:

La Luna collection by Ginny & Jude:

the photography of Kate Edwards:

The Shiny Squirrel x Samantha Hahn:

Emma-Jane’s photos of Italy:

The Sun bangle by The Golden Smith:

Elise of Pennyweight’s beautiful home on Design Sponge:

love these hair portraits by Petit Reve:

the walls from this makeover by Justina Blakeney:

Una is a cool looking shop:

leather lights by an/aesthetic:

flower paintings by Thomas Darnell:

jewellery by Jennie Kwon:

and, this post by Nicole Franzen makes me long for summer all of a sudden:


These Things No.53

what’s this? posting on a saturday! well it’s raining outside, and i have been lying in bed catching up on the internet. in case you, like me, are somewhere out there having a lazy saturday and you want to look at some beautiful things over your morning coffee, or mid-afternoon snack or late night couch session – here you go. these things no.53.

La Garconne did a cool feature on the exquisite Charlotte Rampling. that picture of her in Firenze is my wallpaper right now.

digging the extraordinary photography of Arjan Benning:

Arjan Benning

check out this clever couch turned camp bed by Stephanie Hornig:

Stephanie Hornig

a sweet leather line, Farrell & Co:

Farrell & Co

Natalie Joos is the first person ever to access & shoot Diane von Furstenburg’s immense archive:

Natalie Joos

edible bouquets by Cereal Mag:

edible bouquets by Cereal Mag

the photography of Chantal Anderson:

photographed by Chantal Anderson

the jewellery of Kerrie Yeung:

jewellery by Kerrie Yeung

Jean-Christophe Aumas’ Paris apartment:

Jean-Christophe Aumas’ Paris apartment

marbled works of art by Corey Bartle-Sanderson:

Corey Bartle-Sanderson

women in Milan truly are my fashion favourites. left: The Sartoriliast & right: All The Pretty Birds.

pieces i’d like from Saturday:


the home of Leah Bartholomew:

the Wig vase by Tania da Cruz:

Tania da Cruz

the MiH Jeans lookbook:

MiH Jeans lookbook

the home of Stacy, owner of Leif:

Stacy of Leif

interesting pieces from Unearthen:


the work of Rosemarie Auberson:


Cold Tone Canyon watch by Cold Picnic for Of A Kind:

Cold Tone Canyon watch by Cold Picnic for Of A Kind

been dreaming about this Pizza on a grill by Happyolks:

Pizza on a grill by Happyolks


These Things No.52

hello! a These Things is long overdue – and i figured since a lot of you were on holiday it was time for a recap of sorts. i also had a mini-holiday this weekend, we were treated to a night at the amazing Clouds Estate for Anton’s birthday. it’s a bit of a luxury spot in the winelands just outside my home town of Stellenbosch. if you’re ever in this part of the world, and you want to treat yo self, then this is the place. and go eat at Tokara for dinner (have the baked alaska with salmon ice-cream. do it!)

this story stayed with me all week – artist Judy Millar built her house overlooking the black sands of Anawhata beach outside Aukland. thanks to FvF for covering such interesting people, as always:

love the beautiful rings (and other jewellery) by Bario Neal:

you’ll recognise Celine from the last edition of these things – here’s a sweet feature on her & daughter Eloise by Boots & Pine:

i can’t get over these leather bags by Agnes Baddoo (modeled after her mother’s 40 year old tote):

beautiful new things at Maryam Nassir Zadeh:

a lovely identity design for catering company La Catería by Firmalt:

love the work of artist Barbara Kitallides:

rad letterpress paper products by Moglea:

these rope baskets by Zillpa are super cute:

Swedish designer Elina Dahl has an enviable apartment:

love the simplicity of this Californian wedding, including PAVLOVA for dessert (my faaaaaavourite)

ceramicist Helen Levi makes interesting pieces – available at Pour Porter:

this house is actually available for location hiring (anyone shooting a movie?) – but i’d move in today:

the new Young Frankk lookbook is beautiful, as ever – photographed by Amber Byrne Mahoney:

if you’re gluten free / dairy free / egg free / vegan – then you need to check out Fork & Beans:

this hand-drawn house printed shirt by A Part of Me is sweet:

quite like these sandals by & Other Stories:

the Frances May Summer 2013 lookbook is stellar:

like the pale cream soda hues from portuguese label Pulp:

the work of Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski, aka New Friends:

beautiful arrangements by The Informal Florist:

and, another fashion forward lady – this time from 1950s Miami. photograph by Nina Leen: