July Things


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Shades of Gold

left: street style by vanessa jackman / right: button clips by studio swine

left: bronze bowl by alma allen / right: square pyrite necklace by myrrh jewellery

left: rabbit chair by sanaa / right: leather shopper by cos

left: mi & mall identity design by atipo / right: caroline gomez

left: via skona hem / right: tee by marni

left: alameda huarache sandals / right: jenny scarf by dealtry

left: hanging test tube vases by pigeon toe ceramics / right: brass pendant by iacoli & mcallister

Petals and Glimmer

if you don’t already read Jen’s blog Honey Kennedy then you should head over there right now and subscribe. Jen is the queen of finding pretty things to look at, and i especially love when she shares new & interesting lookbooks from small and  independent designers.

Hello there! My name is Jen and I write the blog, Honey Kennedy. I’m happy to be here guest blogging for Diana today while she moves to her new home in the city. Thanks for having me, Diana!

My post is loosely based on my love for those pretty light pink and metallic boxes you get when you buy macarons from Ladurée. Now that I’ve put my collage together, it has become clear that I was also inspired by the hints of spring and blooms that have been teasing our minds lately here in the Pacific Northwest. OK, without further ado, here are ten things I’ve been admiring. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. The Fellini Blouse from Toujours Toi Family Affairs
The perfect amount of shimmer. I really love the weight of that cotton with the silver–so pretty.

2. The Nimphaea Collar by Licia Florio
I love how these look like coral rose petals. I like to imagine that they also smell like beautiful summer garden roses!

3. The Rhinestone Burst Bobby Pin from Twigs & Honey
Myra’s new collection of hair adornments and veils is absolutely stunning. I love this little dazzler.

4. Small Metallic Notebook from Alder & Co
I love these little leather notebooks! The worn look to the silver and gold makes me so happy. They also remind me of a clutch I have.

5. New Blankets from Pendleton’s The Portland Collection A/W 2012
I own one of their blankets from last season and can’t wait to get my mitts on another in the fall! See my recent Pendleton post —> HERE.

6. 1921 Sterling Walker & Hall Fox from Pullman Gallery
I would love to have this naughty fox snarl at me from my desk.

7. Pink A/W 2012 Dress by Jil Sander
This Jil Sander collection was one of my fashion week runway favorites for Autumn 2012. Sadly, it seems this may be the last for the line from creative genius, Raf Simons. The colors are so exquisite! The color of this dress is DREAMY–so soft, yet vibrant.

8. Vintage Dress from Xtabay Vintage
The details on the sleeves for this pretty 20s silk chiffon wedding dress kill me. I wish everything in fashion was this thoughtful.

9. Block Print Bedding from ABC Home
I am obsessed with this pretty bedding. I love the Aqaba, Zarqa and Provence prints! I’ve been going to look at these beauties several times a week for the past couple months. Love!

10. Vetyver Bouquet Glass Candle from Curio Noir
I love nice candles. This one contains notes of Cypress, Orange Flower, Jasmine and Vetiver. I love their packaging and handcrafted glass jars. I’d love to get my nose on Tubereuse Noir, too.

Things I Like Right Now

i haven’t had the chance to wish all of you a happy new year, mostly because i was planning on staying away from my computer the entire holiday (the posts that have been magically appearing every day were set up before christmas). but of course i couldn’t stay away… too much relaxing, reading and what not just makes me itch to do something, so i decided to redesign the blog yesterday – for those of you reading in rss please take a look! then i had a quick browse around the net too, because i can’t help myself, which resulted in a snappy things i like right now.

1. yesterday lizzie announced the launch of her long-awaited book tomboy style (based of course on her wonderful blog) – it will be available in april, so get your pre-ordering on.

2. i’m enjoying tom’s skin & salt series.

3. kate and her brother made a covers album. i actually have no words for how great this is.

4. i love love love hila’s new year resolutions post.

5. this wedding seen at wolf eyebrows & honey kennedy. the bride is wearing valentino s/s 2011.

6. alex hercovitch’s apartment in sao paolo.

7. sophie woodrow ceramics.

8. i’m constantly obsessing over bright midi skirts. not maxi skirts… midi skirts.

9. a wishbone necklace… good luck for a new year.

10. ikahn vintage.

11. the wawa circle scarf hand knitted by good night day.

12. what else have i been doing this holiday? playing hours upon hours of skyrim.

Christina: Things I Like Right Now

Rounding up my inaugural sponsors things i like right now showcase is Christina Remenyi, the amazing talent behind exquisite lingerie label Fortnight Lingerie. i love seeing how much i have in common with these great gals – i am also obsessed with those acne pistol boots, won’t say no to vanilla soft serve (ever) and am in the habit of drinking my morning coffee out of vintage cups and mugs.

1. Drinking coffee out of vintage Pyrex mugs. An Everyday event.

2. Elephants. My favourite animal. Period.

3. Gotye. I got hooked on the song “somebody that I used to know” … the whole album is stunning.

4. Retro Motels. I wish I had a time machine.

5. Acne Pistol. Black leather boot perfection

6. Game of Thrones. I know that Anabela already mentioned this in her likes, but it’s so good it deserves more love. I just finished the first season and can’t WAIT for the next one.

7. St. John’s Bridge. This is a double like… one for bridges and the other for Portland. I’ve always been in awe of these majestic, man-made passageways. Portland has many bridges connecting the eastern and western parts of town. Just left after 4 days of amazing food, coffee, music and brews and I can’t wait to go back!

8. Stevie Nicks. Enough said.

9. Vanilla Soft-Serve Ice Cream. Simple and perfect… even in the winter.

10. This Ring by Portland based designer Autoctona. I don’t wear much jewelry… but this is an exception.

Noémie: Things I Like Right Now

when Noémie sent me her things i like right now she had sorted it all in a handy pinterest board (there are some extras in there not on list list, so go have a look). the design of the collage came out pretty naturally as a result. Noémie is a Toronto based blogger behind As Ink Remains – another of my inaugural sponsors.

  1.  CAT PLATE: I’m pretty obsessed with all things kitty – and this plate from Donna Wilson would just make my day.
  2. RACHEL COMEY GARRET LACE-UP: I love how these look a little tough and could totally give any outfit a bit more edge.
  3. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA KITTY FLATS: leopard print + kitty face = perfection.
  4. THE CIVIL WARS: I’m really into their soulful take on folk music.  Barton Hallow is great listening.
  5. ICE CREAM POSTER: I’ve been eying this Debbie Carlos poster for ages… about time I make a purchase. It would look pretty awesome hanging over my couch.
  6. GARNETT JEWELRY BRASS BANGLE: I’m thinking this would look great with my Future Mister’s name on it, or a significant date on the underside…
  7. ISABEL MARANT MATI PULLOVER: I’m in love with anything heathered, or marled, or salt and pepper. Would probably look great over some chambray or an oxford.
  8. HOPE CAPTAIN SWEATER. Salt and pepper sweaters… what can I say – I love them.
  9. BLACK KEYS NEW ALBUM: El Camino has been on my radar ever since my obsession with Brothers.  Lonely Boy is currently the song I turn to when I need to turn a frown upside down.
  10. ALEXA CHUNG: no, not talking about her style, but her hair. I wish mine did what hers does on a daily basis.
  11. ANYTHING COFFEE: I’m obsessed with cafe mochas and americanos. Crema in Toronto does some good coffee too.
  12. ICELAND: I’m convinced I’ll live in Iceland for a few years of my life. These photos from Grandchildren are so soft and ethereal.
  13. STICK-PINS: I’m really into collar tips right now, but stick pins are a nice alternative too.
  14. HIGH WAISTED UNDIES: These ones from The Loved One are lovely.  They’re only thing that makes sense under high waisted pants! (They’re also way sexy)
  15. ISABEL MARANT COAT: I’ve been shopping for something less “parka” and more lady. This is a beautiful option.
  16. JACK SPADE BRIEF: What better way to carry a laptop than in this?
  17. YELLOW MOUNTAIN: I lived in China for a year and climbed a mountain that looks just like this. Sometimes when Toronto is being a jerk, I think back on it and miss it tons!
  18. SHIRTS UNDER SWEATERS: I’m obsessed. All I want to wear these days are shirts buttoned all the way up, with a sweater that’s a bit too short over it.

Sherisa: Things I Like Right Now

continuing with the things i like right now series, introducing another of my inaugural sponsors – Sherisa of L’elephant Rose. she is offering a 10% discount in her shop if you use the code missmoss until the end of November!

  1. “I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all..” ― Leo Rosten. A friend of mine paraphrased this the other day and it spoke absolute volumes about what I’m trying to convey every single day I’m alive.
  2. Zoya nailpolish. I have purchased at least 25 bottles this year alone. That’s more polish than I think I’ve ever bought in my entire life. I’m totally nail obsessed.
  3. Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge. Because I miss that bridge beyond reason. I miss taking the train in to work every morning at 6am when the world was just waking up.
  4. Butternut Squash. It is the only soup I’ll have and eat 10 times a day if put in front of me. Here is a recipe to my favorite kind. I add leeks and a bit of ginger for bite.
  5. Metronomy. They are currently the sound of all things happy.
  6. Skype. It has made moving to the other side of the world bearable. I get to skype with my mom once or twice a week for a few hours and it’s real time. We see each other. Plus it makes talking to my friends in other countries easier too.
  7. Bicycle riding. I hated bikes up until summer of this year. I got a pretty big scar falling this year, but the convenience and ease with getting around the city is unmatched. Plus, I’ve never learned a city based on cycling.
  8. Dream catcher tattoos. My husband and I got almost identical dream catcher tattoos this year as our wedding tats. I’ve always loved them and plan on getting a bunch of dream catchers for a corner in our home.
  9. Succulents. They are like thick beautiful green flowers. Only they aren’t. That works fantastically for me because I’m allergic to flowers.
  10. The work of this talented artist, who also happens to be my husband. Dennis de Groot.
  11. Margaret Kilgallen‘s awesome amazing work and her book.
  12.  Veggies. I’m Vegetarian.Vegetables rock!
  13. Being Married. Corny, perhaps. But I love my husband and being married is just the awesomest thing ever since our entire 4 years prior were long distance. Long as in 3000+ miles apart. It’s nice to love in the same home. Photo Credit: Brandon King – BK BOOTH
  14. Amsterdam. My new home. I’ve been here one year and one month and I can almost safely say this place feels really comfortable.
  15. Pixel, our most adorable baby kitteh. I have never been a cat person, so for him to win my heart right away speaks volumes. I love that he keeps me company when I’m home working and he follows me like he’s my shadow. That’s my baby.


Sarah: Things I Like Right Now

Sarah is the amazingly talented Brooklyn based designer behind Edelweiss by Sarah. i still remember seeing her beautiful studio tour on From Me To You and now i’m lucky enough to have her as one of my inaugural sponsors (i also covet every single one of her dresses). So here’s to getting to know Sarah better with a Things I Like Right Now.

  1. Belle by Sigerson Morrison eskimo boots
  2. Shellac and creative ways to do your nails!
  3. The Meatball Shop
  4. My Design Sponge book
  5. Sandra Dee
  6. Food Gawker (Pic of a dark chocolate salted caramel tart)
  7. Instagram (i am obsessed) my username is edelweissnyc
  8. My dog Ivan (love him!!)
  9. Jewelry by Eendag op ‘n Reendag
  10. Life Magazine Archives

Maria: Things I Like Right Now

Maria (also known as Miss Crowland) is the lady behind Big Tinsel, another of my inaugural sponsors. I’m excited for you to get to know her better through one of my favourite series – things i like right now. Maria is offering a 10% discount until the end of November if you use the coupon code MISSMOSS over at her shop when you checkout!

Drive. I know I’m a little late to the game, but I just recently saw Drive, and it blew me away. I love it when movies cross genres and take a leap stylistically, and in this case, I think the results were fantastic. The saturated colours and lights — the dreamy music and sound design — it really evoked the idea of a modern and warped fairy tale…and the neon pink scripty font on the main titles is the perfect 80’s throwback.

This chair from Anthropologie. If I had the money and the amazing house to put it in, it would be mine. Both medieval and modern (medievern? modieval?)

Designspiration + Very Very Beautiful. A great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Fatima Ronquillo. Surreal, dreamlike portrait painter Fatima Ronquillo seems to create a world that existed long ago in some alternate universe. I particularly love the animal ‘portraits’. I draw pet portraits myself (at misscrowland.etsy.com), and there is definitely something magical about drawing animals. They seem to have such amazing sprits that always show through.

Charlotte Gainsbourgh. The first movie I saw her in was the french film Lemming, which is this weird thriller about these two couples and a major lemming infestation. She wore a pair of Wrangler jeans in that movie that I wanted so badly. She just has the best personal style. I love that she always looks a little messy and effortless, even when she dresses up. I’m looking forward to her new album coming out this month. (Photo credit)

This sweater by Zadig & Voltaire. What better way to elevate a simple cashmere sweater than gold elbow patches, I ask you?

Misfits. I watched the first two seasons of this British show about juvenile delinquents turned superheroes online over the course of a weekend. One of the most fun and visually arresting shows I’ve seen in a while, and the third season just started up in the UK!

Paul F. Tompkins, I’m a gigantic comedy nerd, and right now Paul F. Tompkins might just be my favourite comedian. He is particularly popular in the podcasting universe, making appearances on just about every comedy podcast in existence, as well as host of his own, the Pod F. Tompkast. He has more of a storytelling style to his act, and does several terrific impersonations, my favourite of which might be Gary Marshall. Go to YouTube and listen to Cake vs. Pie… I dare you not to laugh.

Vivian Maier. One could say she is one of the greatest American undiscovered photographers. Her work was discovered in a storage locker, later to be owned by Chicago historian John Maloof. She was a nanny who photographed street life for over 40 years, and never shared her photos with anyone until their eventual discovery. It’s a remarkable story made even better by her incredible photos.

These boots by Aldo. I have too many boots already, but I couldn’t resist getting these. They are the perfect blend of badass and practical…because I think both of those things are equally important.

Oaxaca, Mexico. A good friend of mine is currently living in Oaxaca, and I just came back from a visit in September. Oaxaca might just be the mecca of handicrafts, and I had to hold myself back from buying just about everything I saw. Two particular highlights for me (other than the fantastic food) was the market in Ocatlan, which is where you will find a food booth run by a living clone of Frida Kahlo, and the gorgeous black pottery of San Bartolo Coyotepec (of which I came away with a fantastic skull). Some pictures of my trip can be seen on my Flickr page.

Jen: Things I like right now

YES! a new things i like right now by one of my favourite new-to-me bloggers Jen McCabe of Honey Kennedy (named for her grandmother). well not so new anymore i guess – i have been reading Jen’s blog for a while now and am consistently amazed by her discoveries with every post, especially in the fashion department. her things i like right now list is no less impressive, it has left me with several tabs open on my browser waiting to be explored. be sure to follow her on twitter as she is a fun gal to gab with (let’s bump top knots some time eh, Jen?)

Things I like right now by Jen of Honey Kennedy

1. Harold Pierce Cazneaux’s photography. His work is so incredibly striking. Hauntingly beautiful use of light—I especially love his portraits.

2. The Vaccines. I don’t tend to be very current in what I choose to listen to. I kind of lean on my shoegazery and 1960’s garage/psych/baroque pop laurels and it takes a nudge from a friend to get me to venture outside of that noise. My friend, Sasha, has a lot of the same music loves and she urged me to give these fellows a listen. I am now totally addicted to (and crushed out on) their record, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines. I also love Sasha’s new band with her husband, The Horoscopes!

3. Isson sunglasses. I’m super picky about sunglasses. I don’t mean that they have to be fancy—I have $5 sunglasses that I wear a lot—but I just don’t like most shapes on my big heart shaped head. I love both the pink and black ‘Bonnie’ style sunglasses from Isson. Isson’s Oscar and Louis styles are also very cool. Others I love are these Cutler + Gross shades for Cacharel.

4. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. KITTENS KITTENS KITTENS. Laurie is a kitten whisperer and excellent photographer. I really love visiting her site for a happy pick me up. She really does amazing work for the Humane Society.

5. Fahrenheit 451 by François Truffaut. I guess it isn’t just this film that I’m really into right now, but all of the actor, Oskar Werner’s, films. I’ve had a mad crush on him since I was a teenager and I think his work is fantastic. I wish I could have seen him on the stage! My favorites are Fahrenheit 451 and Jules et Jim—of course, I love Jeanne Moreau and Julie Christie. I could go on for hours about movies.

6. My grandparents. John McCabe and Ellen Jacquelyn “Honey” Kennedy McCabe. I really miss them—they’ve both passed away. There is just so much I wish I could share with them and talk with them about. I miss hearing all their stories, laughing with them and hugging them. They were my pals.

7. Vintage Stanhope jewelry. I love the little peepshow aspect of the ‘optical bijou’ Stanhope novelty pieces. These binoculars from Erica Weiner’s shop is an especially cool example. I also love the nudey lady ring!

8. Lavenham. The new collection of women’s clothing from English horse blanket company, Lavenham, is making me rethink my feelings on quilted apparel. The styling for the lookbook is fantastic. I’m impressed that they were able to make these pieces so elegant—quilting can look so boxy or lumpy.

9. The Firework Studies book by Pierre Le Hors. Just so beautiful. I am so fascinated by stars and the night sky and this book seems to hit all those romantic notes for me… with fire. I love so much of Pierre Le Hors’ work.

10. Making music mixes. I really love making music mixes on 8tracks. I have an obscene amount of music and thoroughly enjoy the whole process of putting together a mixtape. You can find my mixes here.

11.  Collages by Gloria Vilches. I think her work is so eye-catching and clever. A lot of people do collage, but rarely do people do it this well. My good friend, Steve Quenell, also makes collages that blow my mind. Psychedelic National Geographic! Ha.

12. Skulls. I don’t know why, but for the past year or so I’ve really admired some beautiful skull designs. Here are three of my favorites: the skull earrings by Like Atmosphere from Phucisme, Trevor Jackson’s porcelain skull with bunnies and the skull chandelier by Kelly Lamb. All out of my budget, but inspiring all the same.

13. Fille en Aiguilles (“Girls in the Pines”) perfume by Serge Lutens. Pine, vetiver, sugary sap, frankincense, candied fruit, spices, laurel and fir balsam. This perfume is heady and… well, lusty. I guess it is supposed to smell of girls laying on a forest floor—and this is exactly how I’d like to smell. I got it at my friend’s new Portland shop, Eden, but you can find it online as well.

14. ABRACADABRA pendant necklace from Aesa. Just the perfect magical necklace. It has a tiny pink sapphire embedded in it and comes on a nice long chain. Bewitching!

Things I Like Right Now

i haven’t done my own things i like right now in a long, long time! still enjoy this series. here goes…

1. deus ex machina motorbike posters

2. two tone jerseys by boy by band of outsiders

3. edible estates by fritz haeg

If we see that our neighbor’s typical lawn instead can be a beautiful food garden, perhaps we begin to look at the city around us with new eyes … No matter what has been handed to us, each of us should be given license to be an active part in the creation of the cities that we share, and in the process, our private land can be a public model for the world in which we would like to live.

4. portobello mushroom burger

5. kids breakdancing to classical music

6. crane cushion by klaus haapaniemi

7. mociun at totokaelo

8. ladies in menswear at the paris shows shot by streetfsn

9. fun – a new song by dent may

Anabela: Things I Like Right Now

i’m so pleased to have a new Things I Like Right Now to share with everyone, and from one of my favourite bloggers – Anabela of Fieldguided. you probably know Anabela and her partner Geoff as the team behind the Fieldguided range (the latest Fluro Pink Tote has my heart). i always really look forward to her posts because of her great eye & a beautiful aesthetic that  runs all the way through her blog. oh, she also co-runs a tumblr called Dream Cats which is THE BEST.

Things I like Right Now by Anabela of Fieldguided

1. Round sunglasses

I don’t really need new sunglasses at the moment but that hasn’t stopped me from sighing over these round sunglasses on a near-daily basis. Top: Illesteva Frieda in Marmor & bottom: Karen Walker Rover in Deep Tortoise.

2. Constellation clutch from Scout & Catalogue

I’m a huge fan of Bre’s aesthetic (and a huge fan of Bre in general!), and like the idea of carrying a clutch out to parties when all I need to bring with me is some cash, lipstick, phone, and keys. I’m particularly drawn to this one.

3. Anja’s photos

Anja from Clever Nettle is basically the coolest girl, and her photography just keeps getting better and better. I’m such a sucker for the pictures she’s been taking using the white floors of her studio as a backdrop.

4. Apartamento

I don’t really care for interior design magazines much but I really like Apartamento. It has a really laid-back vibe to it, which I appreciate. No props, no staging — or if they do use props and staging, I wouldn’t know it. Image by Katie.

5. Bensimon

When I was in London recently I made the mistake of wearing a pair of wedges (beautiful shoes, just not appropriate for hours of walking, really). When we stopped in at Aubin & Wills, I made one of my few purchases of the trip: a pair of white Bensimon sneakers, which I put on immediately. Now that summer has arrived on this side of the world, I’m happy to have them. Image from Shopbop

6. NARS Schiap

I’ve written about this on my blog, but NARS Schiap is my favourite lipstick at the moment. I get loads of compliments when I wear it, and it lasts for hours! It’s a nice way for me to incorporate a little hot pink into my outfit, so to speak.

7. Ice cream photos

I love photos of ice cream. At the risk of sounding pretentious, it has such a lovely sculptural quality that I find pleasing, especially in soft serve form. Image by Annabel Ly

8. Acne pants

I love these snake pants by Acne! I love pants with elasticized bottoms — they look like really fancy sweatpants.

9. Game of Thrones

I was so excited when I first heard that HBO was going to make George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones into a miniseries. I have read the books, so I find the series easy enough to follow. My boyfriend Geoff hasn’t read the books, so while we’re watching the show he asks a lot of questions about the plot (there are so many characters and naturally, details are omitted from the series), and I actually relish talking about it with him. I’ve always loved the fantasy genre, although I’m also weirdly picky about it. It has to be just right, and this is just right.

10. Austra

It seems to be getting more difficult for me to feel excited about music (in all honesty, so much of it sounds straight-to-Starbucks-MOR to me, sorry!), but I have fallen hard for Austra. Maybe it appeals to that part of me that was semi-goth for a few months in high school. Katie Stelmanis’ voice has reduced me to tears a few times, for real.

11. Byredo

I’m not even sure what they smell like, but the packaging on these perfumes is so good. And “Blanche” sounds as though it was made especially for me.

12. Cute hair & brows

I’ve been trying to grow out my fringe for a few months now. For a long time, a blunt fringe was something I relied on to give me an instant hairstyle: if I had the bangs, I didn’t have to worry about the rest of my hair. I think it’s time for a change, but the process has been tedious and frustrating! Luckily there are plenty of images like this one that inspire me to keep growing them out. If only I had her brows and eyes too. Image of Bambi Northwood-Blyth by Tim Barber for Muse Magazine.