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  • Art, Vintage

    guy hoff

    guy hoff was an american illustrator (1889-1962)

  • Art

    chas laborde

    chas laborde was an illustrator and painter who studied in paris, eventually becoming known for his satirical & humorous portrayal of bourgeois life around the time between the two world wars. images from ma galerie paris…

  • Vintage

    brox sisters, 1924

    the brox sisters was an american trio of singing sisters, enjoying their greatest popularity in the 1920s and early 1930s. you can see some of their performances on youtube (love their hair)…

  • Vintage

    it girl

    i’m surprised hollywood hasn’t made a movie about clara bow yet, who had a classic rags to riches tale with a semi sad and tragic ending. i must admit i didn’t know…

  • Vintage

    rifle club, 1925

    SERIOUSLY! guns & fur coats, my friends. thank goodness for shorpy.…

  • Art


    margeurite kelsey – 1928 – meredith frampton sources: painting + photo…

  • Art

    françois-emile barraud

    barraud was swiss. he worked in paris for a time during the 1920's and painted mainly still lifes and portraits…