Dear Kate

oooooh, these are my kinda undies! at first glance Dear Kate underwear is beautiful, simple, no-frills and just plain cool. but there’s more to them – they have a built-in breathable lining that offers extra protection for those, um, untimely time of the month accidents. hey, we’ve all been there.

Julie Sygiel was a chemical engineering student at Brown University when she first had the idea to create a smarter type of underwear for women. Seeing friends in the dorm handwash their underthings, she realized that every woman deals with overflow, and that regular underwear is not equipped to handle it. Why, she wondered, with all of our technological innovation, has no one developed underwear that is leak resistant and stain-releasing, while still being silky soft and even sexy? So she hit the lab to develop a new kind of undergarment – one that would be comfortable and flattering, while solving the issues that women face on a daily basis.

you can get a 25% discount on your first purchase of Dear Kate undies with the code xomissmoss till December 31. yay!

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Dear Kate


Egretta Garzetta

i must confess that underwear is pretty much at the bottom of my list of priorities when it comes to clothes shopping. big purchases are reserved for shoes, leather goods… maybe the occasional fancy dress. but undies, those come in packs of 5 and usually cost me less than a take-away dinner. but i still like the idea of fancy underwear. there’s also something incredibly cool about knowing your underwear is handmade (as if you’re a French aristocrat lazing about at Versailles all day). that’s where Egretta Garzetta comes in. affordable handmade lingerie, bras and panties made in Riga, Latvia.

Egretta Garzetta offers you the comfort and quality of handmade underwear. Every item in my shop is created from carefully selected materials and designed to gently fit the sensitive parts of your body. This lingerie is created by female hands for female needs – with a wish to make you feel beautiful and as comfortable as you can. Here you will find light and soft pieces, reminding the fluff of a dandelion, pieces as expressive and colorful as a tropical butterfly, pieces to match an active lifestyle… and a lot more!