urban exploration

Empty Spaces

Brian Henry is a photographer from Baltimore who bought his first camera in 2004 and has been honing his skills ever since. he has a wonderful collection of photographs documenting abandoned places, a theme that it central to his work

My current portfolio reveals lost places, neglected buildings, decay, with occasional concepts conceived through dreams and strange films from the 70s. Most of my photographs are taken with vintage cameras, using Polaroid film. I am very experimental with my work and often find myself doing it “wrong” or just whatever feels right. My photos are sometimes manipulated or abused, or left in abandoned buildings to decay.

whenever i see places like this i can’t help but think, that couch would be GREAT if it just got a bit of love. or, what a beautifully crafted sink… and it’s just sitting there. etc etc. this place in particular boasts some of the most vibrant wallpaper i’ve seen in a while, some of which i would even contemplate decorating my own home with.

there is a lot of photography on flickr by people who enjoy capturing abandoned & restricted places and buildings (this group has over half a million photographs, for instance) – if you’re interested in this kind of thing and want to delve into it a bit more check out some of the urban explorers groups on flickr.

all photographs by Brian Henry