Naomi Harris EUSA

Naomi Harris: EUSA

Naomi Harris is a Canadian photographer who, since 2008, has travelled across Europe and the United States visiting themed-towns, amusement parks, and festivals. in her project EUSA she photographs the ways in which popularly received ideas about one culture get expressed in the other – Swedes dressed as fur trappers,…


Dama and Dig

i was catching up on emails this morning after our internet-less weekend away and a wonderful letter from Anna Fusco was just so awesomely serendipitous & co-incidental, as i had literally just read this book and listened to this podcast. both are stories of people who one day decided to…

americana roadtrip

one of the many reasons i want to visit the states is to someday partake in a great american road trip. kyle johnson and friends did just that, and photographed some beautiful landscapes. see the entire set at flickr.


rocking vans

Once upon a time — or more accurately, back in the 1970s — the van reigned supreme.  Riding in right on the heels of the fading muscle car era, the custom van became the ultimate self-expression vehicle– tricked-out and personalized to show all the world just how your bad self…


100 abandoned houses

this site was featured heavily on the blogosphere a while back, but i keep returning to it because some of the houses are so awesome and i’m sad that they are wasting away! check out 100 abandoned houses. there is also a story at the NY Times about the pros…