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  • Fashion

    pour me a drink

    the models aren’t exactly going to win any oscars, but i like the concept. “pour me a drink” – a short film collaboration between filler magazine and sons and daughters director jessica…

  • Film

    lost things

    wowowowow!!! this stop motion short film is eye poppingly rad: via oh joy…

  • Stuff

    homer every day

    i’m sure you’ve all seen this video. what i didn’t know was that the simpsons parodied it (what an honour!) i laughed at the youtube credits at the end. if i ever…

  • marriage-manual
    Design, Film


    adult movie posters of the 60s & 70s – more here (some of the better ones are nsfw)…

  • Film

    the lost tribes of new york city

    and you know like somebody walk on the street, when they listen mus- when they heard some music, because some black people…. they drove a car and then they turn the music…

  • Film

    save the date

    after that anne bancroft post, i searched for ages trying to find this cute save the date video i saw yonks ago – inspired by The Graduate, emulating the end bus scene.…