Miss Moss Birthday

🎂 Seven Years 🎉

my brother and i on his birthday. more on that below… this month marks SEVEN years of this old blog being in the world! i never knew how long i would be able to keep it up, seven years is beyond expected! if this blog was a child it would already be in…

hand book

the kind of book i’d buy the second i saw it, even though i don’t need a practical english handbook (or do i?) property of daniel letson brought to my attention by a journey round my skull

boy castaways

The author and dramatist J. M. Barrie created this adventure story in 1901 for the Llewelyn Davies family. Barrie befriended the Llewelyn Davies family in the 1890s and his famous character Peter Pan was inspired by the children. Barrie published only two copies of the story – one copy, given to…