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    Covers, etc

    Covers etc is one of my favourite flickr streams to browse as it combines my love for vintage, design and, occasionally, salaciousness all into one. there are some seriously saucy book covers…

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    from the extensive collection of karen horton…

  • Vintage

    clima ideal

    another cool set of hotel luggage labels belonging to david pearson (he has loads more ephemera to browse)…

  • Design

    black swan ltd/ed

    if you haven’t seen the black swan limited edition movie posters by now, you’re about to! i’ve been excited to see this film ever since those teaser images were released of natalie…

  • Fashion, Vintage

    vera neumann

    vera neumann was an american artist and entrepreneur. she is best known for her bold colored patterns on her linens and scarves, signed with her script “vera” and…

  • Design, Vintage

    project thirty three

    project thirty three is a collection of vinyl covers collected, scanned & archived by jive time records…