vintage illustration

i like american music

very nice collection of historic american sheet music cover illustrations (love that fox)

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vintage collective

explore the vintage collective (if i ever had to get a tattoo it would look something along the lines of this)

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the visual telling of stories

my heart rate literally shot up when i discovered the visual telling of stories, a seemingly never-ending library of vintage illustrations & design. for a second i had a bit of a gollum moment, imagining myself sitting in the dark scrolling through pages of old drawings muttering about my precious. on the front page chris mullen (the owner of the site) states, “it’s bigger than you could ever think – just explore”. you bet i will, chris. here are a couple of gems for now, but be rest assured that i will be sharing more as i go deeper down the rabbit hole…

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chas laborde

chas laborde was an illustrator and painter who studied in paris, eventually becoming known for his satirical & humorous portrayal of bourgeois life around the time between the two world wars.

images from ma galerie paris

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now you know

a very informative series of cigarette cards on how to do…. just about anything

how to draw a duck without pencil leaving the paper:

how to extract a splinter:

how to keep saucepan’s lid raised:

how to prevent an ink bottle from upsetting:

when boiling cracked eggs:

how to cut new bread into slices:

how to blow over a brick:

but my favourite of them all has to be…

how to light a cigratte with a piece of ice:

a very astonishing trick based upon the chemical property of the combustion of potassium on contact with water. place a small piece of potassium in the end of the cigarette, on touching this with the piece of ice, the resulting flame will ignite the cigarette, much to the astonishment of your friends

from the nypl digital gallery

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l’animal dans la decoration

i literally lose hours skimming the new york public library digital collection, this particular one is a book of animal illustrations from 1897

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a child’s alphabet

if i had a kid these would go straight on their wall. see the entire set here from andy field

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these belong to william creswell

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