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  • Sounds of Two Eyes Opening - Southern California Life : Skate/Beach/Punk 1969-1982
    Photography, Vintage

    Sounds of Two Eyes Opening

    Sounds of Two Eyes Opening is a collection of photographs taken between 1962-82 by Spot, a musician, producer and sound engineer who documented southern California beach life, skating culture and the burgeoning punk scene. he…

  • 001

    Found, Revisited

    i’m so glad to see that the National Geographic Found tumblr is still going since i first posted about it back when it launched in March. they have a ton of brilliant…

  • Club members on the ocean front are shaded by decorative parasols.


    National Geographic have set up a tumblr called National Geographic Found, to celebrate their 125th anniversary, where they’ll be sharing photos from their archives – many of which have never been seen before. FOUND…

  • audrey
    Photography, Vintage

    Mark Shaw

    you’re probably familiar with the work of fashion & celebrity photographer Mark Shaw, who was especially well known for his collection of photographs of the Kennedys. he shot over 100 stories in…

  • Vintage

    Southern Weekend

    just a group of pals having what looks like a great weekend… photographed by Lisa Larsen in 1951 for Life.…

  • Vintage

    Marianne Breslauer

    i rediscovered this series of photographs taken between 1929 – 1934 by german photographer Marianne Breslauer thanks to lauren’s pinterest. i’m strangely envious of these women who are long gone. Marianne was a…

  • Art

    Spencer Studio

    beautiful drawings by Spencer Studio extending scenes from vintage photographs.…

  • Vintage

    Vintage Summer Snapshots

    i’m really trying to psyche myself up for summer. if you follow my ramblings on twitter (or, of course, if you know me personally) you’ll know that i am not the hugest…

  • Photography

    Wet Plate Portraits by Dan Carrillo

    i did a little dance in my chair when i discovered the Wet Plate Collodion Portraits by Daniel Carrillo. Dan is a photographer and printmaker from Seattle who has taken close to…

  • Vintage

    the dead photog project

    i think it goes without saying how much i love the dead photographers project… Deadphotographers is a forever expanding collection of images which explore the relationship of photography and our changing time…

  • Photography, Vintage

    john olson

    john olson was hired by life in 1968 at the age of 21, making him the youngest staff photographer at the magazine. before that he went to vietnam at the age of…

  • Vintage

    running wild

    a group of wild horse herders photographed by bill eppridge for life magazine in 1968…

  • Vintage

    charis wilson

    charis wilson was a model & writer best known as the subject of photographer edward weston wilson on the first time she met weston: “For anyone interested in statistics – I wasn’t…

  • Vintage

    sad ladies

    why do these beautiful vintage ladies look so sad? probably because they had to sit so still to have their photos taken. click on the images for their sources.…