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  • Jean Stories

    Jean Stories

    i think i got onto Jean Stories because i saw a pic of a nice bum in a nice pair of jeans somewhere. that’s how these things start, you know. good bums…

  • Art, Vintage

    painting woodstock

    this article in the December 1969 edition of US Vogue where they compare scenes from woodstock to famous paintings absolutely made my day – perhaps for obvious reasons. why can’t vogue still…

  • Fashion

    brief encounter

    most of the time i skip past editorials in fashion magazines because they simply don’t interest me all that much. it takes a lot to make me pause, and this ed from…

  • Fashion, Vintage

    august 1970

    this particular vogue looks like a cracker. a cracker! long skirts, flared pants, corduroy. check. check. francoise hardy: charlotte rampling: michael douglas (!) this coat! and this rad chick…

  • vogue-01-custom

    paris vogue

    can’t remember where i found these (probably tsf) – but they’re fantastico!…

  • GS 01

    perhaps pierre, monique?

    geraldine saglio – fashion stylist at french vogue. she’s french, she’s cool and she has insanely long legs. sigh.…