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  • Photography

    get in the water

    here's some visual inspiration to celebrate the fact that we're only about a month away from summer holidays. and for everyone reading this who are north of the equator... muwahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Living

    villa mecklin

    i'm not sure that i'm sold on the design of this house, but i'm certainly envious of that huge deck - i can definitely imagine spending hours lazing…

  • Photography

    water wheel

    as a kid one of my favourite things in my parent’s display shelf (you know, that place where they put all the strange odds and ends collected throughout a lifetime) was this…

  • Stuff


    my mom always sends me these forwarded emails, usually of cute animal stories. i couldn't pass up posting this one (which you may or may not have seen before). i just love…

  • Photography

    bless you

    dudes, i have such bad hayfever this season. i feel like these guys look, all the time.…

  • amalfi


    from a trip to italy, 2003. i remember it being reported as the hottest italian summer in decades - that water was heaven.…

  • italian-summer-01

    italian summer

    it’s almost that time of year. lovely set over at osvaldo zoom‘s flickr…

  • dee-baby

    learning to float

    this is me as a tot learning how to float (so i wouldn’t drown if i ever landed in a pool by accident). parents take note: take your babies for floating lessons.…