get in the water

here’s some visual inspiration to celebrate the fact that we’re only about a month away from summer holidays. and for everyone reading this who are north of the equator… muwahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

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villa mecklin

i’m not sure that i’m sold on the design of this house, but i’m certainly envious of that huge deck – i can definitely imagine spending hours lazing about, catching some rays and watching the water. great party potential, too. notice the fire-pit that disappears into the floor during the day…

check out the rest of the pics at the contemporist

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water wheel

as a kid one of my favourite things in my parent’s display shelf (you know, that place where they put all the strange odds and ends collected throughout a lifetime) was this fake shell belonging to my grandmother, that contained a japanese bonsai garden with a little house and a watermill that actually turned.

my ouma’s odd trinket coupled with the image below of an old mill in colorado (by rob lee) naturally sparked off an image search. who doesn’t love an old watermill? especially on those very rare occassions when you stumble upon an abandoned one in a forest somewhere. {click on the images for their sources}

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my mom always sends me these forwarded emails, usually of cute animal stories. i couldn’t pass up posting this one (which you may or may not have seen before). i just love it! don’t know where it comes from and who took the pictures but, enjoy.









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boogie woogie board

my mom snapped these in the late afternoon at kogel bay – bear in mind that they were taken from the coastal road above the beach – if you have ever been to kogel bay you’ll know how far away that is. love this sequence & the sunset light on the water.







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bless you




dudes, i have such bad hayfever this season. i feel like these guys look, all the time. by arjan benning via black eiffel

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the hold over water

go see the rest of the photos in the series by rona chang

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from a trip to italy, 2003. i remember it being reported as the hottest italian summer in decades – that water was heaven.

i do realise that’s two italian summery posts in the space of 2 days – but i’m craving warm weather!

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