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  • Heinui SS15

    Heinui SS15

    Claire Pignot just released the SS15 collection for her label Heinui, featuring the wonderful watercolour prints that are so distinctive of her designs. personally i wish i could hire someone to paint on all…

  • Endre Penovác

    Endre Penovác

    a few years ago my dad started painting. as an urban designer he’s always had a pencil in his hand, but he never had the time to flex his creative muscles outside…

  • rebekah-preview

    Rebekah Miles

    my husband just returned from an extended trip to LA and he brought back some lovely gifts, including a ceramic piece by artist Rebekah Miles. she is a new discovery to me…

  • François Henri Galland

    François Henri Galland

    last week i hung some pictures in our apartment. Anton has lived there since 2010 and i moved in a few years ago – and till last week there were hardly any…

  • Kim McCarty

    Kim McCarty

    i love the watercolours of artist Kim McCarty. Working rapidly, at times using only a single color and at others a haunting, bruise-inspired palette of acid yellows, greens, and browns, McCarty’s portraits evoke…

  • lorraine-paintings

    365 Postcards for Ants

    Lorraine Loots is an artist based in Cape Town who wrapped a highly successful project called 365 Paintings for Ants at the end of 2013. as you can guess from the title,…

  • 001

    Olga Inoue

    Olga Inoue is a teacher turned artist living in Moscow who creates many things including beautiful watercolours, hand-carved stamps, sweet objects & jewellery, delicate pottery and also lovely photographs. my inspiration is nature,…

  • Art

    Dog Portraits

    these are simply too cute not to share –  dog portraits by Itsuko Suzuki…

  • Art

    heather smith jones

    the work of heather smith jones makes me want to break out my dusty & little used watercolours immediately.  …

  • Art

    luci everett

    art by luci everett that perfectly suits my mood today. browse her work & her blog. all images by luci everett  …

  • Art

    the brilliant magpie

    cute watercolour portrait prints available at the brilliant magpie…

  • Art

    annie kevans

    some of my favourite pieces from annie kevans…