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    beautiful new styles from MATTER. see my previous post introducing them here. September is a month of the wind changing, and we feel the weather’s momentum intimately, given rain and shine affects when we print…

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    Lauren Hutton

    my friend Amy and i were sitting around gabbing the other day, browsing pinterest (which is the new looking through magazines together, i guess) and we got onto the topic of Lauren…

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    Wearing The Pants Damn Well

    our Wearing The Pants project is still one of my favourite things – whenever i see a lady rocking the menswear i get a not-so-secret thrill. so scrolling through Tommy Ton’s latest street style…

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    Still Wearing the Pants

    i abandoned tumblr a fair few months ago because i simply could not keep up with so many bookmarking sites (and it feels like there are new ones popping up every day,…

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    Wearing The Pants Well

    some of my favourite wearing the pants moments of recent weeks – stockholm streetstyle & street peeper – the locals & style sightings – the locals & vanessa jackman – street peeper…

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    Wearing the pants

    oh dear, i started another tumblr. wearing the pants is all about women in menswear – because it’s awesome.…