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  • beach4

    Kirsty & Simon

    i haven’t been thinking about the wedding much at all lately, partly because it’s 7 months away (actually… not so far away if you think about it), and partly because i’ve been…

  • Photography

    A Wedding at Babylonstoren

    weddings at Babylonstoren never fail to wow me. the setting is so spectacular that you don’t need any frills when it comes to decor and the usual wedding jazz (a blessing, really).…

  • Photography

    Rimi & Jean

    i first came across wedding photographer Celine Kim after she photographed Anabela’s wedding (which is just gorgeous you have to see it), so i followed her blog to keep up to date…

  • lovemadevisible

    Sarah & Jamie by Love Made Visible

    there are a number of talented wedding photographer couples in Cape Town whose style of photography i can really get behind – focusing on important moments rather than most of the cheesy schtick that…

  • leighbrad

    Leigh & Brad by Modern Hearts

    modern hearts have gone and photographed another beautiful wedding, this time Leigh & Brad’s special day held on a farm in mpumalanga. what an incredibly rad setting – nguni cattle and all (not to…

  • romy

    Romy & Raphael

    oh wow, i just had to share the wedding that photographer Hanni of Troistudios shared in the comments of yesterday’s plants post! Romy & Raphael got married at the Botanical Gardens in…

  • goetz

    Mr & Mrs Goetz

    OOOOOOOH BOY. the wedding of McKenzie & Jamie photographed by Lydia Jane really made my friday.…

  • Photography

    A Wedding in the Loire Valley

    okay, if you are a regular reader you will know my feelings re: the wedding industry and that my overall hope is that people would have honest, real weddings without the unnecessary…

  • Photography

    Modern Hearts

    i can be a real grump when it comes to the wedding industry. overly elaborate ceremonies, staged props (usually of the cutesy & vintage variety) and terribly cheesy wedding photography that’s photoshopped…

  • Photography

    Andrea & Luke

    just had to share the wedding of Andrea & Luke at her family’s farm netherwood in the natal midlands photographed by my pal Shanna. that DRESS (designed by Tiaan Nagel) and the beautiful…

  • Photography

    Wedding At Home

    Kristen Marie Tourtillotte is a wedding photographer based in Seattle who got in touch with me recently to share the wedding of Michelle & Ryan, who got hitched at home amongst their…

  • Photography

    Anna & Marek

    some more beautiful photographs from Anna & Marek Strachan, who i previously posted about here. Using digital and analog cameras (35 mm and 120 mm film) we try to take advantage mainly…

  • Photography

    casey & richard

    i started following casey‘s blog sibling mine last year and noticed her talking about her upcoming wedding a bit on twitter. well now the wedding pics have finally been revealed and it looks like they…

  • Photography

    max & margaux

    the wedding of max & margaux has been well documented online (you can see the five posts over at once wed here, here, here, here & here). max is a well-known wedding…