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  • Sean Woolsey
    Art, Living

    Sean Woolsey

    i discovered california based furniture designer & artist Sean Woolsey through FvF who did a great profile of his home yesterday. what really intrigued me was his website that showcases his pieces in such a…

  • motta

    Carlos Motta

    i was just thinking the other day how tired i was of seeing white white white interiors everywhere on the internet, even though they are beautiful (don’t get me wrong). but sometimes…

  • 001

    Caroline Gomez

    there’s not much that i like more than tiny plates of food. if i could have tapas for the rest of my life i’d be totally okay with that. you see, i’m…

  • Stuff

    wood + leather gifts

    bag / shoes / notebook / pencil / camera bag / iphone case / toolbag / knife / belt / pen holder / bowls / bears / boots / radio…

  • Living


    i love this house because of all the glass, so it feels like there’s almost nothing between you & the forest.…

  • Art

    aj fosik

    everytime i see a new piece by aj fosik it makes me smile fosik’s animal subjects and anthropomorphized beings are built using a complex process in which each form is carefully handcrafted…

  • Living

    a single house

    the house from a single man is still up for sale, by the way. just in case you were on the market and you wanted to spend in the region of $1,5…

  • Design


    these brooches by enna are cute…

  • shelves

    DIY shelves

    this is an awesome DIY shelving project from the brick house.…

  • kitchen


    i love these kitchen cupboards - so simple!…

  • crazy-cool-house
    Design, Living


    i do feel like 99% of the structures on these archi blogs are pretty samey (wood, glass, sharp edges – give me a victorian anyday, right?) – but this is pretty coooool…