romy schneider was a german actress, born 23 september (my birthday!) 1938. died in paris at the age of 43. sort of daria werbowy-ish, but less alien.


  1. Does anyone know when and who took the black and white photo with Romy’s wink?

    • Zbigniew Michno Reply

      thought she was Austrian by birth, used to be my favorite actress in French movies,

  2. The wink-pic was taken by photographer Giancarlo Botti in 1961 at Romy´s Paris flat!

  3. Dear Diana! I just discovered your beautiful blog and am absolutely smitten. I am a huge fan of Romy Schneider, thanks for the beautiful collage!

    X from Switzerland zueri¦¦bliss

    • Heidi Eberhart Reply

      thanks for sharing – Romy was such a beautiful star and had such an enormous tragic life and death

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