my bro is scooting over to germany with his wife & 5 month old baby to attend a summer wedding that’s going to be held here. serious? serious. the bride’s sister lives in the place. nice! i can imagine characters from a jane austen novel wandering about the gardens and looking out the windows with their sewing on their laps.

note: ‘schloss’ means castle, in german.

speaking of weddings, this one caught my eye:

william & penelope (via once wed)


  1. Was the William & Penelope a real wedding or just a photo shoot? The post on once wed made me think it was a set-up, which is just as well cause otherwise I’d have to be sick with jealousy… That first picture, on the quilt? Aaargh… to die for.

  2. as far as i know, all the weddings featured on Once Wed are real weddings – all of them are pretty amazing! and most of them look relatively budget friendly, which i love.

  3. Wow, what a couple! Hope your brother is enjoying Germany, many greetings from sunny Heidelberg :)

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