i was born 26 years ago today (eep). my family has a tradition that when one of the kids has their first birthday, they get their own cake & have carte blanche with it. mine was vanilla with pink icing, a sign of things to come –  vanilla is still my favourite.

i still eat cake like that, too.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Interestingly, my 1-year-old daughter had free rein with my birthday cake on Monday.
    The carpet cleaners are coming with the industrial strength machine today.

  2. happy happy to you :) hope you get lots of Woolies chuckles, Melissa’s choc cake, Cadbury’s Sweetie Pies and Vida coffee :P

  3. Browsing through your backlog ‘cus I have a very busy and important job. This photo is FANTASTIC!! If I were you I’d have it printed and framed nicely, it’s so special and awesome looking.

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