“leaking toxins from where?”

bored to death is a new show on HBO. ok wait – this has jason schwartzman, zach galifianakis AND ted danson in it. it also has a great tagline: “a noir-rotic comedy”. i bet it never airs in south africa, or gets cruelly cancelled before it reaches our shores (much like arrested development, or something)

confession: i used to have a total crush on ted danson when i was a kid! yes, something about his dry wit / sarcasm. there was cheers, of course, but i LOVED him in 3 men and a baby / little lady. hah. come on, i was only 7ish. anyway, he’s like the original hugh laurie.

now i have a semi-crush on jason schwartzman and zach galifianakis. don’t really have a type, i guess.

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  1. Yay. I just saw an ad for this show in a magazine yesterday too. I love the three of them. :] I don’t have HBO though so I’ll have to wait a bit also to see it. Whoa @ Ted’s white hair. Jason was so so cute in Shopgirl. If you haven’t seen that yet, see it.

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