okay, i love meryl streep & i love alec baldwin – and i’m also a schmuck for these kind of movies (i have seen something’s gotta give more times than i’d care to admit, also by nancy meyers. you know what else she did? father of the bride! wah, i’m such a girl.)


  1. This looks great! Anything with Alec Baldwin works for me… and Steve Martin isn’t so over the top for once :)

  2. I love everything Nancy Meyers has done. (Except for The Holiday, but to be fair I haven’t watched it the whole way through).

    Plus, a brilliant peripheral cast! I am so there.

  3. i have to agree re: The Holiday – but i think it actually came down to terrible casting choices. i love kate winslet, but she really wasn’t suited to that character. and the pairing of winslet & jack black was just…. wrong!

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