i discovered this rad little gem hidden in the depths of a bookcase at my parent’s house (as you do). it was printed in paarl in 1959. the entire thing is illustrated by roman waher, who i unfortunately can’t find any more information on (sometimes the internet doesn’t have all the answers, who knew?). after a bit of digging around all i could i could find out was that he contributed to a number of other africana books.

if you’re a fan of mid century illustration, be sure to check out this flickr group as well as the mid-century modernist.


  1. Amazing! And you did proper scans, as well. Very nice. Interesting how the colours are slightly different…

  2. Yup, that is work that my dad did. At least one or more copies of that Cooking with wine book are still with me.

  3. I have an original wood cut print by Roman Waher I picked up in a flea market in the UK. It shows a galleon in full sail with vines wrapped around the masts.

    • Roman was my dad and lectured at the UCT Art School ( Michaelis )
      You can get info from me to the best of my recollections.
      Glad you too enjoy the very humorous pictures and cuts.

      Ivo ( living in California now )

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