i already have a bicycle (which i love – it’s a black & white cruiser with white tyres) but i just can’t help looking at bicycle sites. the latest one, which my brother sent me, is globe bicycles. there’s something about white/cream tyres that makes everything classier, non?


then i took a trip through my bookmarks (i have the most ridiculous folder called “things to buy” – full of things i could never actually afford to buy) and dug up this gem of a company that i was perving over a while ago – probably my favourite of all – abici italia:


then there’s also workcycles – they have these classic dutch city bikes called oma & opa:


more? ok.  gazelle: (dutch)


skeppshult: (swedish)


pashley: (british)


velorbis: (danish)


sögreni (danish)


and there are probably loads more i don’t even know about…. i wish everybody cycled (to commute, i’m not talking lycra-clad road hogging cyclists). if south african cities & towns were more bike friendly it would be a dream. like copenhagen.


  1. jeez louise i cant believe those beautiful bikes. toooo nice. i was trying to choose a favourite, but i cant, i want them all!!!!

  2. i’ve actually only heard about it recently after seeing pics on skinnylaminx’s blog. seems very cool! but kind of out of the way for me, getting to cpt on a friday morning and getting back to stb before work starts would be a slight mission… have you done it?

  3. Ah, what a pity. I haven’t no. But my boyfriend does. It seems like a lot of fun, and i think it must be so exciting/liberating to be up and out on the road at that time of the morning. Always nice to see the world before 7am. These bikes are beautiful, makes me want my own.

  4. Yeah I agree with Jess! Where can one buy a bicycle like this in SA?

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