one of my favourite illustrators/designers, jessica hische, did the design for this new cookbook of vegetarian dishes – fast fresh & green by susie middleton. definitely the kind of recipe book i’d buy as i am partial to fast yet healthy food. i’m the kind of girl who’d buy a tub of hummus and find things to dip into it, rather than actually going to the effort of cooking an entire meal. it’s not that i’m a bad cook (i’d like to think the contrary) it’s just that sometimes i am extraordinarily lazy.

that being said, i did some googling around and found a couple of pages of the book over at scripd, which gives you a taste of some of the recipes. the design is lovely, as expected, and the food looks really good! look out for this one in bookstores or next time you go out to buy some hummus.

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  1. Love Jessica Hische’s work. LOVE. Have you seen the tattoo on her arm? Its on her website, in the “about me” section… I have a bit of a girl crush.

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