i’d like to introduce you to gertha – she’s one of my favourite houses in stellenbosch. all weird angles & low walls, just like the day she was first built. there are many other houses like gertha in town, but unfortunately they are being knocked down one by one to be replaced with tuscan-african monstrosities.

note: pic taken with my phone this morning, so very bad quality unfortunately. i will make an effort to go around and photograph all my favourite houses with a proper camera before they are ruined, promise.


  1. “Just to be there in the morning
    With the sun comin through the trees
    Well you know there ain’t no place I’d rather be.

    Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
    You will have a wonderful time up there
    You can feel the magic in the air
    And when it’s over and the clover has left the mountainside
    You’ll be king of what you survive”

  2. haha, it does have that kind of feeling, doesn’t it? i was also thinking:

    You’ve got a friend in me
    When the road looks rough ahead
    And you’re miles and miles
    From your nice warm bed
    Just remember what your old pal said
    Boy, you’ve got a friend in me


  3. I’ve just discovered your blog – and so glad I did! I’m looking forward to exploring it…

  4. i feel like i KNOW this house, ha ha ha ha ha!! Is it on mmmm..street starts with a C..(Cluver??) used to run past it when i lived in Stellenbosch a million light years ago…southafricanness at its best..you just know there’s slasto on the inside fireplace!

  5. it’s actually on draai avenue (apt, since it’s just before a bend in the road). there are many of these in stellenbosch though – i really should photograph them all before they are gone!

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