ooooh i spent way too much time yesterday perusing this collection of pics from a vintage opel calendar. WHY don’t car companies still make awesome stuff like this? now it’s just these flashy photos of big shiny black cars cruising along with light beams flashing past them and what what. BORING. i want to see my car in fields of lavender and reflected in some pristine lake in switzerland. WITH PEOPLE. who are dressed nicely.


  1. radness!!! the one with the horse is particularly cool. and the Arc de Triomphe

  2. these are the absolute best car advert photos ive ever seen. i love how you have these massive photos on your blog, it really sucks you in. great!!!!

  3. Now you and Richard Hammond have something in common: you both like vintage Opels. Remember he bought a 1962’ish Opel Kadett for the cross Botswana race and named him ”Oliver” (similar to the one in your first picture). He liked it so much he shipped it back to UK and did a full restoration on it.

  4. I found this post while searching for something else, and love it! You’re right- why DON’T they make car adverts like this these days? :)

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