as far as i can remember camper was one of the first famous international designer brands that opened a store in south africa (possibly in 2001/2? i remember going to the shop in the waterfront in my first year of university). their shoes were of such quality & so different from anything else you could get at the time. the boots were especially covetable (though pricey…), and everyone loved their twin range of shoes which were so clever & cute.

of course i also loved their ad campaigns – remember the walking society / walk don’t run and those amazing little books you could steal from the camper stores when the shop assistants weren’t looking?

but then the brand started feeling stale to me, all the shoes still looked the same and nothing new was happening. i visited their flagship store when i was in barcelona in 2007 hoping that i would see something i liked, but nothing excited me. when i was in the waterfront the other day i noticed that the camper store was gone and felt kind of sad about it.

so when i was online …uh… window shopping today, i decided to look up camper for a bit of a catch up – and i was pleasantly surprised by their new range. yay camper! if i had money to splurge on some excellent quality sandals / boots right now, i’d definitely go the camper route.


  1. Camper are my fav shoes – altho I can’t bring myself to part R3k for a pair.. btw, Lover is also gone – unless they’ve moved :(

    • Mallix, use your calculator for the exchange rate. It’s around 1K (+/-R1 200) a pair – and worth every penny. I bought mine five years ago, and though it’s two years over the 3-year guarantee, they still look like new and are the best shoes ever. Everything else I bought at the same time for half the price are a distant memory.

  2. its very sad that they decided to leave these shores so early. i last bought 2 pairs of sneakers when they had a shop in hyde park and pleasantly surprised to learn that they have packed and closed shop. i have since been hooked. great shoes, i hope somebody could bring them back because they made extraordinary shoes .

  3. JHB: very sad indeed – anyone knows where they’re now based? (in/around Johannesburg) – desperate….

  4. I bought a pair of red “cat and dog “camper “twins” from the Hyde Park store before they closed. I don’t wear them that often as they are shoes with attitude and I have to dress accordingly. I discovered this week after not wearing them for almost a year that the soles are disintegrating and I am desolate. Where is Camper now based in SA and who can advise me where to get them fixed?

  5. Nkwenkwezi Reply


    In 2005, walking around Nelson Mandela Square I saw a pair of Camper Shoes, I fell in love with there and then, I bought them, I still wear even today, they are the most comfortable shoes I have.

    In 2008, I bought a pair of Camper boots online. Love them to bits, very stylish and comfortable.

    2 Weeks ago I bought another pair, wow.

    I wish they can come back to the country, or some of our local shoe stores could find a way of having them in their shelves.

  6. Camper shoes are the most comfortable shoes ,I bought a pair of Camper shoes in 2007 In Maponya Mall Soweto ,and I am still wearing them even today ,Can anyone please advise where in JHB can i find the Camper store ? The store in Maponya is closed down…thanks

  7. I am too devastated they are the only shoes I can feel comfortable and stylish at the same time, how can I buy them online ?

  8. i am so desperately looking for camper shoes, i have two pairs which are old but still very new. i can’t any other shoe but those. if anyone hears of anything please be in touch-

  9. Palazzo Pitti in Johannesburg will be stocking Camper from August 2016 ?

    • Ali

      Peter are you really serious that PALAZZO PITTI will be stocking Camper shoes this year August 2016 if so which one , the one at Sandton Mall.

      Please do respond cause these type of shoes are marvellous, I do have one pair of which I bought 2006 at Waterfront Mall in Cape Town I am still wearing today, can you believe it..

      These are the most comfortable shoes that I ever wear…

    • Good to no that the most comfortable shoes are back on our shores. Can’t wait…

  10. Hi guys I am Vusumuzi Tshabalala
    I sell second hand good condition camper shoes. +27 84 262 9610 is the number for pics and all.

  11. It is true camper is back, rosebank, hyde park corner, sandton palazzo pitti, I received a notification via instagram from palazzo pitti

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