wolves cafe posted such a great little playlist at their blog the other day, so i decided i’m going to share one i’ve been playing quite often lately (i’m an obsessive playlist maker). some mellow, some happy, some old & some new stuff.

the track list is as follows …

  1. bombay bicycle club – always like this
  2. noah and the whale – two atoms in a molecule
  3. paul simon – me and julio down by the schoolyard
  4. two door cinema club – something good can work (ted & francis remix)
  5. the morning benders – excuses
  6. she & him – please, please, please, let me get what i want
  7. billie the vision & the dancers – a beautiful night as oslo
  8. broken bells – the mall & misery
  9. the cure – close to me
  10. peter gabriel – solsbury hill

the image above is from lim heng swee

all music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!


  1. glad you like! actually thought of you when i was listening to peter gabriel (remember that kate bush discussion?) ;)

  2. Hello there Miss Moss. I stumbled upon your playlist from your comment on the Wolves site under Shane’s list. He’s asked me to do a playlist for the Wolves blog every month which is really exciting cos I make mixtapes all the time for my friends but have never ventured onto the future techmology of the blogoshpere. Anyway, just wanted to say that’s a great playlist up there. I knew most of it pretty well but it opened my ears to the Bombay Bicycle Club track, which is a top tune (by far the pick of the album) and also the Broken Bells tune. I’d heard and liked the first single The High Road and I also like Ghost Inside but I hadnt given the album a full spin, thats another good choice there. It also re-opened my ears to Solsbury Hill which is a treat. Anyway, thanks for that, and keep your ears peeled for my first mix coming up this week on the Wolves site, hope u likes.
    Graeme (aka easytiger)

    ps. Excuses by The Morning Benders is fab. Did u see that I sent Angie (we’re work partners, I share an office with her) that live in-studio vid that she posted on Lucky Pony, its amazing, check it out if u havent already, it made me love that song even more.

  3. Sabrina-Kate Eryou Reply

    This playlist won’t decompress for me though I was able to get the other ones :(

  4. I couldn’t uncompress this playlist either. :( But I love all your other playlists! Would you mind reposting this playlist? I would love to have this mix! Thanks!!!

  5. I can’t decompress either, even though I was able to get the other ones. I love these mixes! Can I be contacted once this one is fixed? :)

  6. the only song that says it’s corrupted, of you decompress it in the newest winrar, is the first one.

    any chance i can get it?

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