just a wee pictorial teaser before i kick off the new food series jessica and i are doing (she cooks, i take photos and we eat). this isn’t a real how to because i wasn’t really paying attention while she was making her famous cinnabons – i was just picking at the pastry and warming myself in front of the oven, really.

she defrosted some dough from the freezer  – jessica uses croissant dough (her own recipe, which i can’t divulge!)

roll it out, with vigour:

spread some muscovado sugar:

don’t be shy with the sugar…

cover it with cinnamon:

roll it up:

slice into pieces:


place in your muffin / baking tray:

let it rise for about 30 mins (if it’s too cold just put it straight into the oven):

{ … bake for 30 odd minutes, at about 180 C … }

pour over caramel sauce (didn’t get a pic of this, was probably eating something) & sprinkle with icing sugar




  1. Those look so delicious!! I’ve been putting off making cinnamon buns forever! I haven’t explored the whole yeast-dough thing yet! These are mouth watering – Maybe i’ll have to conquer it soon!

  2. Scrumpdeli-ishous! Did you bake them in the papers or put them on after?

    • The ones in the paper were from a different batch, Jessica usually bakes them in the paper for her restaurant (just plain old baking paper I think). They really are delicious!

  3. I baked these with my girlfriend on Saturday and we couldn’t get enough of them.

    Unfortunately, we ended up using only half the dough because of limited muffin trays, so this week I’ll do the rest :)

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