perhaps you remember the post i did about eric ravilious? well when i was researching him i happened to come across one of his wedgwood plates on bid or buy, of all places, and it arrived in the post yesterday!

i also couldn’t resist buying this royal albert petit point china teaplate, which obviously is supposed to be cross stitch but the first thing that popped into my head was pixels.

i bought both plates from delovely aka michael bullick, who has such a great collection of vintage items for sale. i should probably be careful or i’m going to end up being one of those chicks who collects plates and teapots, not that it’s a bad thing – i just don’t have space for it all.

another recent purchase i made was 2 perfect glass bowls from nest sporting a rad crochet pattern:


  1. hey, im one of those girls that collects plates and cups and bowls small plates and bigger bowls…..etc etc….and even if i had no space i will still collect them. it makes me happy!!! i love that second plate, i also think pixel before cross stitch with that one, im gonna check out your link now, maybe there are som sweet deals i can get my hands on!!! xxx

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