chas laborde was an illustrator and painter who studied in paris, eventually becoming known for his satirical & humorous portrayal of bourgeois life around the time between the two world wars.

images from ma galerie paris


  1. Love this, thanks for sharing. We are off to Paris for two months (in about two weeks time) and almost every blog I visit seems to have some ‘Paris pretty’ to add to my excitement!

  2. Thanks Diana, I’ll definitely check that out. If google maps is correct it’s just one block away from our apartment.

    • my word, you’re staying in one of the best areas :)

      just around the corner you’ll find a little church in a pedestrian street (Rue des Barres) that has a cute cafe (very popular when the sun is shining) as well as a vintage shop that was pretty nice (might not be there anymore….)

      aah man the entire marais district is awesome, really.

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